Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review!

I’m actually reviewing this movie for my school newspaper…hmm…

But anyway, i saw Mockingjay Part 2 yesterday with my brother! I took a picture of the movie poster in the theatre, but then i realized afterwards that my reflection was kind of showing so i guess not.

I’m so sad that this amazing movie franchise has come to an end. I’ve seen every movie from when they came out, and i saw most of them with my brother, so it was the one thing that we could actually talk about in common.

The faithfulness of this adaptation continues to astound me. It was sooo faithful! And the characters were portrayed exactly like i pictured in my head by the wonderful actors and actresses.

Ok, this entire movie experience was nearly ruined because there were these three annoying people sitting in the row next to mine and they not SHUTUP! I swear, this girl had a comment on everything.

And she clearly hadn’t read the books or seen the other movies because she was like “Who’s Clove?” And then her friend next to her explained who that was, so clearly she read the books or watched the movies. This girl would not shut up and i really would have liked her to because she ruined the movie for me.

I’m trying to concentrate on the movie when all i hear is their comments. I do not need you remarking on how Gale and Katniss kissed. I don’t need you saying thank you when Katniss got a gun pulled up to her head and calling her stupid for trying to save the people from the Nut.

Ugh! Frustration!

Sorry about that…

So i’m going to spoil it up in here, so i’d suggest watching the movie, or reading the book before continuing this review!

Hi, ok i’m back. Let’s discuss!

Spoilery Discussion: 

That opening scene man, it felt so real and when she started to struggle to say her name, aww, the feels.

One thing the movie lacked  was the whole training montage thing to get Katniss and Johanna into the squads to go the capital. I wanted more Johanna!!!

Peeta, oh my god. Josh Hutcherson was amazing as Peeta! Though to be honest, sometimes i had no idea what he was saying in the quiet scenes because he sort of mumbled.

Ok, that mutt scene. I knew it was coming, but my brother didn’t, so he kind of screamed a little and tried to grab my hand; but i slapped it away because it was sweaty and disgusting.

Finnick’s death made Katniss look really cold because Finnick was yelling her name and she just ignored him basically, throwing the Holo into the water. I don’t know, she just seemed heartless right then.

And guys! I finally got why Katniss agreed to the whole symbolic Hunger Games with Capitol children! Because Katniss needed Coin to trust her to walk into an open space with a dangerous weapon!

I never got why Katniss agreed when i read the Moackingjay book years ago, but in the movie, it was so clear.

Oh my god, that cold ‘Goodbye Gale’ Ooh, shivers, sucks to be Gale.

I teared up when Prim died, but the tears didn’t start coming down my face until that emotional scene with Buttercup, ouch.

And that epilogue and Peeta with that little boy, aww!

Was the baby that Katniss was holding CGI? Cause that was a fake looking baby i tell you, and if not, oops, sorry for insulting the baby.


Overall, i loved this movie and i thought it was the perfect ending for an amazing book to movie franchise.

Also, those movie posters with the mockingjays on the faces, brilliant! The marketing team for this movie did a great job!


Thanks for reading and share your thoughts on the movie below!


P.S. My freaking English teacher said that she didn’t like the movie and i wanted to shake her. Freaking stuck up snob who probably doesn’t even like YA because the ‘Classics’ are the best. I hate teachers who think YA is a genre for immature teenagers! Agh! But that’s a whole other discussion.

4 thoughts on “Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review!

  1. AAAH THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD! I did have some problems with it, though, and they basically mirrored your own. My favorite characters either died more violently than I evevr remembered them dying in the book (Finnick), or they were hardly shown in the movie at all (Johanna). And oh my gosh, this group of girls were sitting behind me and my friend and had to remark on EVERY SINGLE THING that happened in the movie.

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