Summer Reader Book Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard to do the Summer Reader Book Tag! Summer is not technically over yet people!

Summer Reader Book Tag

Let’s get started!

Lemonade: A book that started off bitter, but got better

Hmmm, I’m going to go with: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, mainly because for the first few chapters, i had no idea what was going on! I mean, the title kind of hints that it’s about vampires, but i didn’t really know what the book was about other than that, so the first chapter was like, what? But then it got better from there 🙂

Golden Sun: Pick a book that made you smile beyond compare

That’s a hard one! Usually i’d go with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but i feel like i use that one in every tag! So i’m going to go with Golden Sun, by Pierce Brown. I kid, i kid! It was too hard to resist making a joke out of that one. So, really, i’m choosing, Wedding Night, by Sophie Kinsella, simply because Sophie Kinsella makes you smile and laugh.

Tropical Flowers: Pick a book set in a foreign country

Hmm, let’s go with Ruby Red by Kersten Gier. The book takes place in London, but the author is from Germany.

Tree Shade: Pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. Mostly because Miles was such a mystery when we first met him.

Beach sand: Pick a book that was grainy, and the plot barely developed

The Jewel, by Amy Ewing. I think just because when the book was over, i had so many why? Questions, and maybe they’re answered in the second book, but they should have been included in the first one.

Green Grass: Pick a character(s) that were full of life, making you smile

Isabelle Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments. The whole cast of characters are pretty much full of life though. 😉

Watermelon: Pick a book that had some juicy secrets

OOOH! I know a book, but i can’t remember what it’s called! I read it a while ago. Hold on a sec, i’m going to check my library card record and see if i can find it. Wait here for a moment please.

Found it! It’s called the Twin’s Daughter by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. It’s this really creepy book about this girl who finds out her mom has a twin sister and the twin takes over her twins life and really weird stuff happens, that’s all i can remember, that and the spoiler which i will not mention here. 😉

Sun Hat: Pick a book that had a vast, big universe/setting

Not going to lie, first thing that pops into my head is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

BBQ: Pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk

Umm, so about 90% of the books i read? (YA)

Ok, fine, so i’m going to go with: Finnick Odair from the Hunger Games


I tag:

Well, since summer is nearly over, i’m only going to tag a few people, plus, nearly everyone has already done it!

Lucia @ Reading With Lucia

Pearl @ Bibliopearl

Jenny @ Reader in a Reverie

Dee @ The Bookish Khaleesi

And you know what, since this is a pathetic amount of people, i tag you!!! If you haven’t done this tag, please, do it, i’m inviting you to! Just link back to my post so i know you did it, and i’ll put your blog name in the section where i ‘tagged’ people. 🙂

Yup, so that’s this tag done! Share your thoughts in the comments, won’t you?

Thanks for reading!

-Calliope (5)

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