Hi! If you don’t know, there’s going to be a shadowhunters TV SHOW!

So i originally wrote this post with all of the shadowhunter castings and my feels, but i thing one thing pretty much sums up all of my feels on the castings!


The entire cast looks so beautiful and like how i pictured them and i am so excited for this tv show, it’s crazy!

So that’s really it!

See ya in the next one,


‘Shadowhunters’: 5 Reasons Why We Believe Dominic Sherwood is the Perfect Jace

I’m so excited for this TV show!

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Exciting news rocked the Shadowhunters fandom on Monday when Dominic Sherwood was cast as Jace in Shadowhunters, the television adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling series.

We’re excited too, Dom!

We haven’t even seen Dominic in full Shadowhunter gear as Jace, but we’re confident that Dom will be the perfect Jace!

Here are five reasons why:

1. He’s Gorgeous


While that’s certainly not the most important thing, it certain helps as Dominic prepares to co-headline a television franchise that airs on a network aimed at teens (or an audience interested in YA stories). Dom’s got that smoldering sexiness about him that Jace is known to use as a weapon…

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