‘Shadowhunters’: 5 Reasons Why We Believe Dominic Sherwood is the Perfect Jace

I’m so excited for this TV show!

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Exciting news rocked the Shadowhunters fandom on Monday when Dominic Sherwood was cast as Jace in Shadowhunters, the television adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling series.

We’re excited too, Dom!

We haven’t even seen Dominic in full Shadowhunter gear as Jace, but we’re confident that Dom will be the perfect Jace!

Here are five reasons why:

1. He’s Gorgeous


While that’s certainly not the most important thing, it certain helps as Dominic prepares to co-headline a television franchise that airs on a network aimed at teens (or an audience interested in YA stories). Dom’s got that smoldering sexiness about him that Jace is known to use as a weapon…

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3 thoughts on “‘Shadowhunters’: 5 Reasons Why We Believe Dominic Sherwood is the Perfect Jace

  1. OMG YOU HAVE A SHADOWHUNTERS CATEGORY AHHH SCREAMING FANGIRL MODE. Love. It. AND THANK YOU. FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES THAT DOM MAKES A GREAT JACE! (sorry that was a lot of caps lol) Seriously though! All my friends are like, “He’s not even that hot like UGH they did such a bad job casting Jace.” And I’m like, “EXCUSE ME HE’S PERFECTLY HOT AND IF YOU DON’T THINK SO JUST LEAVE.” Nah not really but I’m THINKING it. 😉 Now that I’ve watched the shows (both seasons! Oh yeah Shadowhunters all the way!) all I can imagine Jace as reading Cassie Clare is Dominic Sherwood because he’s so great for the role! And can we just have a moment of silence for how PERFECTLY cast MAGNUS IS?! AND ALEC. Those two are so on point.

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