Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix and Outlander! // Fangirl Friday #1

Fangirl Friday!!

Hi! So as many of you might be aware, I’m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to things, especially fandoms and being obsessed. Also, do not mess with my fandom or I will mess you up. Hehe

So as I get obsessed very easily, I thought that every time I did, I would fangirl about it…on a Friday! Anyone who wants to join in is welcome, and if there already is something like this already floating around on the blogosphere, I’m sorry, but I promise I’m not copying anyone intentionally.

But if you do decide to partake, be sure to link back to me so I can check out the things that you’ve fangirled about!


Lindsey Stirling!

So this week I discovered Lindsey Stirling on YouTube, and as someone who used to play the violin, I became addicted to her music and dancing. From there I discovered a violinist named Kimberly who uploads covers to songs, violin style, and she is A-MA-ZING! Here’s the link to her channel:

I don’t understand how she only has 3,000 followers!? She’s so good that she could be famous!

But anyway, my favorite Lindsey Stirling song has to be Roundtable Rival, with Heist right behind. The music videos are just awesome and so creative!


Also to go along with that, Pentatonix! I know right now that one of my best friends is rolling her eyes reading this post because she’s known about Lindsey and Pentatonix for years now, and now that I’ve finally discovered them she’s all like, where were you 2 years ago!?

But they’re pretty awesome and they sound amazing and they all just happen to be beautiful people and I’ve subscribed to Mitch and Scotts’ YouTube Channel now! It’s called Super Fruit


And now, drum roll please! Outlander! So you guys know since my Outlander book 1 and 2 reviews that I’ve been obsessed. My home and lock screen are Jamie, and Jamie and Claire, I’ve watched every clip I can on YouTube, and now all that’s left to do is wait for midterms to pass so I can binge during February break! Yay!

Also, I’m sad that Outlander didn’t take home any Golden Globes, but with the second season coming out soon, we’re going to slay next year! (And by we, I mean the fandom).

I’m currently on page 300 nearly of the 988 paged third book, Voyager, and it’s difficult let me tell you, Diana Gabaldon is evil.

I just ship them so hard and I ship myself so hard. Sigh.

So those are all of my fangirl thoughts for the week, I may do another Fangirl Friday next week, but it depends on what I have new to fangirl about, so it may be a bi monthly thing.

Comment if you’re also a fangirl (or boy) of any of the above, and tell me what you’re a fangirl of this week!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser


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