The Cage by Megan Shephard Book Talk/Review

So today, instead of a Top Ten Tuesday, i’m posting a review, for a few reasons actually.

One, i don’t really want to participate today, two, this review needs to get out because i’m nearly done with My Life Next Door and don’t want to have two reviews to be waiting.

So, without further ado, i’m just going to start.


The Cage by Megan Shephard.

I was thinking of maybe putting all of the info that other bloggers do, publisher, page numbers etc. but then i realized that it’s not how i want to do book reviews and i shouldn’t try and be like other people anyway. I’m just going to do like i always do.

Synopsis: (Taken from Goodreads of course)

The Maze Runner meets Scott Westerfeld in this gripping new series about teens held captive in a human zoo by an otherworldly race. From Megan Shepherd, the acclaimed author of The Madman’s Daughtertrilogy.

When Cora Mason wakes in a desert, she doesn’t know where she is or who put her there. As she explores, she finds an impossible mix of environments—tundra next to desert, farm next to jungle, and a strangely empty town cobbled together from different cultures—all watched over by eerie black windows. And she isn’t alone.

Four other teenagers have also been taken: a beautiful model, a tattooed smuggler, a secretive genius, and an army brat who seems to know too much about Cora’s past. None of them have a clue as to what happened, and all of them have secrets. As the unlikely group struggles for leadership, they slowly start to trust each other. But when their mysterious jailer—a handsome young guard called Cassian—appears, they realize that their captivity is more terrifying than they could ever imagine: Their captors aren’t from Earth. And they have taken the five teenagers for an otherworldly zoo—where the exhibits are humans.

As a forbidden attraction develops between Cora and Cassian, she realizes that her best chance of escape might be in the arms of her own jailer—though that would mean leaving the others behind. Can Cora manage to save herself and her companions? And if so . . . what world lies beyond the walls of their cage?

My Thoughts:

This was a very strange and different book. Slightly disturbing too. But it’s a wonderful ‘what if’ concept. What if this actually happens?

Because of the strange plot and concept, this book is definitely not for everyone. I enjoyed it though, having a few problems with the main character Cora.

Cora is a little annoying at times at how she seems to just charge into everything without thinking.

I also could not believe that she took the fall for her father like that, and how could he let her do it!!!????

It also frustrated me how quickly the others in the cage seemed to accept that Earth was gone, i mean, hello? Whose word are you taking on this? Mali? Um, no.

Also, this whole human evolving thing just has me confused. And is Earth gone or not!? And how did Cassian manage to take them from their families like that?

The questions, the questions…Which hopefully will be answered in the next book, which i don’t know when is coming out, or what is going to be called.


An intriguing Sci-Fi read that’s slightly twisted and has a strange romance thing going on. I liked it! 4 out of 5 stars. It was fascinating, and i’m wondering what the second book will be like.

Spoiler Discussion:

Ok, that plot twist, i should have seen coming. I even told myself while reading that i would be so much easier on Cora and Cassian’s romance if he was just the Warden himself, and then DOES end up being the Warden, and i basically called it, but not really, and i was so frustrated with myself afterwards because i saw it coming, but not really!

I read this book about half a month ago, so i’m sorry if i forgot to mention anything that you thought was important.

If you want to discuss some more, leave a comment, and i will definitely reply to you.

P.S. Once again, i’m in the library because i know i’m not going to be able to post later today cause i’ve got all sorts of things going on after school

P.P.S. Ugh, i forgot my glasses at home, so now i’m going to have to swim with contacts, and then prescription goggles on top. I know, i know, that’s bad for my eyes, but i have no choice. 😦

Thanks for reading!

-Calliope (5)

4 thoughts on “The Cage by Megan Shephard Book Talk/Review

  1. Yeah, you do you! You don’t have to blog according to what everyone else is doing. I quite often skip out on TTT too. The subject doesn’t always inspire me or fit with what I’m trying to do overall.

    This sounds like an intriguing book! I sometimes find the first books in series kind of frustrating, because like you’ve mentioned, you’re left with so many questions you have to stew over for like a year!

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