Red Queen, Lux and BookCon

Hi! So i read the book Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard! Wow, really just wow. I’m currently reading the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and i’m on the third book Opal.

Anwaaaaaaay, i’m going to convince my mom to let me go to BookCon this year. If you don’t know what that is, it’s this book event in New York, and a lot of cool authors are going to be there! Some of my favorite! Also, i’m hoping to meet my favorite book tubers, Katytastic, PolandbananasBooks and Jessethereader! They’re really amazing, and they were part of the reason why i wanted to start a booktube channel, but i chickened out and started a blog instead.

Guys, i have a serious problem. I’m addicted to reading. It’s taking over my life. I don’t do homework, i don’t sleep, i don’t exercise. All i do is read and eat chocolate. My grades have been suffering in school because instead of studying i read. I keep eating chocolate and have lost the six pack i used to have. I have become completely sedentary and addicted to my laptop.

It’s not even like i’m reading a physical book, i read ebooks on laptop.

I was totally going to talk about Red Queen in this review, but i just want to let my feels out, ya know? I love reading, and if i could, that’s what i would do all day, but i really need to focus on school, maybe getting into the top ten? But i can’t do that if i read instead of studying and doing homework.

After i finish reading the Lux series, and Hopeless, which i still have yet to read, though i read Finding Cinderella, i’m going to limit myself to 2 or 3 books a month. I have read about 30 books this year so far, and i think that if i read about 3 books a month, i can complete my goal of 100, reading more during the summer of course, since i won’t have school.

Sorry, this was kind of a rant, does anyone else feel that reading and books take over their life sometimes?

Thanks for reading!


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