Every Last Breath (Dark Elements #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout- Book Talk/Review

I finally read Every Last breath!

Gold star for me!

Oh my god, if my brother doesn’t stop doing a Miranda Sings voice outside my bedroom door, i will lose it.

“Can you stop!!!!!????”

Thank you. Much appreciated.

As per usual, this will be a mixed review of spoilers and not. But there will be a clear spoiler labeled section just for those who have read the book.

Happy reading if you have not read it, and continue if you have (or haven’t, either way)


Here, i would kindly direct you to my White Hot Kiss, which is the first book, book review, where a synopsis is given for the first one. You can click here for that.

But…in this third book, Layla has to choose between Roth and Zane. She also has to defeat the Lilin, who took her best friend’s (Sam) soul.

My Thoughts: (No spoilers)

I enjoyed this book a lot. It was paced nicely, and i was surprised at how recent the events were. For instance, One Direction and the fact that a member left is mentioned, and this only happened a few months ago. Layla and her relationships with Roth and Zayne were great, and it’s pretty obvious who she was going to choose, and i liked how quickly she chose it, no dragging it on for half the book, (ahem Twilight).

My Thoughts: (Spoilers)

Yes! Roth and Layla were endgame for sure from the moment we met Roth, and i’m glad it worked out okay. Is there something brewing between Stacy and Zayne!? No way, and what’s up with Nicolai and Danika? I feel like we needed more of an epilogue, tying up some other loose ends.

Some things i wrote down because i was annoyed or amused: (Spoilers)

“Don’t hate”, he (Caymen) said grinning, “procreate.”

There was a photo of One Direction in Roth’s office, signed, and it’s even signed by “the one who left” (AKA Zayne)

Those hot triplets according to Bambi, (The three kittens)

Ohmygosh, can we discuss that the familiars can morph into humans!? And that Layla got her own familiar, and that Bambi was taken by witches!!!!??? We need closure for that! Clearly Roth won’t let them keep Bambi after the end of the Lilin, right!?

The fact that Bambi hinted that Zayne was touching her boobs. I can’t.

The whole, the Lilin can’t die because it’s linked to Layla, i was seriously like, what is this? City of Lost Souls or something!?

And why must the main character always have to sacrifice themselves!?

Layla said, yeppers at the end of the book, and i was like, what? And then she said yeppers, peppers, and i lost it there. Why Layla, why?


Satisfying ending, could have added a tiny extra epilogue though. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Hi there, thanks for reading! Remember to share your thoughts below, and i’ll see you guys soon!

-Calliope (5)

My bathing suit is wet, and not from the pool, but from my disgusting, dirty sweat

This is a rant and not related to books at all, well, Queen of Shadows is mentioned, but that’s it. 

My bathing suit is wet, and not from the pool, but from my disgusting, dirty sweat.

That actually rhymes, hmmmm, i might turn that into a poem or something. Oh! Speaking of poems, one of my poems was published in an online magazine called Mimp Mag, click here to read it (It’s not one of my best, i just wrote it one day after a good run) You guys should submit stuff to the magazine if you want to 😉

Anyways, the last two days, with the exception of receiving Queen of Shadows this morning, have been horrible.

I swim on my school’s Varsity team, the thing is, practice starts two weeks before school starts in the mornings, and my parents can’t drive me, because they work full time.

So i usually get dropped off at school in the morning for practice, and then i take the public bus home. Let me tell you, the public bus sucks. It’s never on time, and the stop that i have is so bad and nearly invisible, that the bus always misses me.

So yesterday, the practice was changed to the afternoon, so i took the bus there no problem, but then on the way back, there was so much traffic from rush hour, that the bus was half an hour late, and then it missed me. Thank god the next bus was only 10 minutes in between because of the lateness of the first one. I was just soooo mad and tired by that point, and then i had to walk home from the bus stop as well. That’s why i didn’t post anything yesterday, cause i got home late and tired.

Then today, just now, half an hour ago, i’m walking to the bus stop, in my swimsuit so i don’t have to waste time changing at school, and i get to the bus stop, and it should be coming in 10 minutes, when my phone buzzes. Turns out, because of the heat, practice was cancelled.

Now, i’m sweating and really hot, and was waiting for the air conditioned bus. So now i have to treck all the way back home, and now i’m sweating even more.

I then lift up my shirt to wipe my sweaty face, and this is what i see:


It’s disgusting. I’m actually sweating through my bathing suit! I’m just happy that practice was cancelled before i got on the bus, otherwise, i would have been soooooo mad.

Ironic how practice was cancelled because of a heat wave. Hello? I’m walking in it! Could have mentioned practice was cancelled half an hour ago, before i left the house!?

I’m sooooo sorry about this rant, i’m just really hot and irritable. Hey, you know what solves that?


Sorry for the blurry photo, the camera was being icky. I’m just going to go read this baby, because that will definitely cheer me up.

Ok, i might do that Summer Reader Tag that Giselle tagged me in, then go read Queen of Shadows, just so i feel like i’ve been productive this week.

Ha ha, thanks if you actually made it to the bottom of this post 😉 If you have any comments, or stories like this of your own, please, you’re welcome to share them.

Ahh, i’m actually cooling down now, and am not as hot. And sorry for any typos, i wrote this up quickly 🙂

-Calliope (5)

August 2015 Wrap-Up

August Wrap Up

I read soooo many books this month! And most of them were online, on overdrive. I think i was trying to make up for the fact that i won’t be reading as much when school starts. 😉

So first up, i read Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. It has been sitting on my shelf for a while. (I got it from a library book sale) And so when i was bored one day i finally gave it a read. I thought it was ok, nothing too special, and pretty much predictable. 3.5 stars.

I also read a few books for school: Chasing Lincolns’s Killer be James Swanson, Night by Elie Wiesel, and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.


Then of course, i read my Sophie Kinsella books. Remember Me, which i have a review of here. And then Wedding Night, I’ve Got Your Number, and Can You Keep a Secret, all for which i have a review here.

51CIO7mg5sL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ 17910611 12033455 33724

I also read Towering by Alex Flinn, book review here.


Then of course, i read Unbroken, review to come, and then White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, book review here, and then its sequel, Stone Cold Touch, book review here.

 whitehotkiss StoneColdTouch_FC1

Then i finally read some David Levithan this past week! I read Boy Meets Boy and Every Day.


And lastly, i read two Adult Romance novels by Emma Chase: Tangled, and Overruled.

So, that’s it! What books did you read in August? Do we have any in common? Suggestions for what to read next? Leave a comment below! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Calliope (5)

WWW Wednesday- August 26, 2015

Hello! Sorry i didn’t post my usual Top Ten Tuesday yesterday. I just started swimming in the mornings with my high school varsity team, and i wasn’t feeling up to it yesterday, so i just posted a pre-typed book review.

So anyway, this is a meme formerly hosted by MizB @ Should be Reading and was revived by Taking on a World of Words


You basically have to answer three questions:

The 3 W’s are

1. What are you currently reading?

2. What did you recently finish reading?

3. What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:

Ok, to be completely honest, i’m currently reading a romance novel that is far mature than i am, and if my mom ever knew what i was reading, she’d be pissed. It’s one of those guilty pleasure reads that you have to really be in a mood for. I don’t know why i’m embarrassed or feeling guilty for reading it. *sighs*

Recently Finished Reading:

I just finished reading White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and i have a book review on it. I also just finished the sequel, Stone Cold Touch, book review to be coming soon. I also read Unbroken recently, book review to come as well.


What am i going to read next?

Most likely: Every Last Breath, the third and last book. I’m also hoping to finally read Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, but the library still has it out on Overdrive. Frustration. I’ve heard great things about Finding Audrey, and i’m excited to finally read it!

So that’s it for my first WWW Wednesday. If you have any questions as to what these book are about, shoot me a comment, also, let me know your W’s! Did we have any in common? 🙂

Thanks for reading!