My Favorite Book Couples! // Valentine’s Week

Valentine's Week!

As most people know, I’m obsessed with shipping book characters and squealing about hot fictional characters so I thought, why not devote the week leading up to Valentine’s Day to my favorite books and their couples.

Today I will be sharing my favorite book couples, and hopefully sometime soon I can share my favorite fictional boys, books to read on Valentine’s Day and more!

So let’s get started!

Claire and Jamie

Obviously this is my number 1 ship at the moment. I just ordered Outlander season 1 from the library and my February break is going to rock!

But also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Catriona and Sam are together! Who else ships them!??

Next up is Percabeth!

Not movie Percy and Annabeth, those two, despite Logan Lerman, are just no. I didn’t even bother watching Sea of Monsters. *shudders*.

Anyways, Percy is such an idiot when it comes to girls, and I loved how Annabeth had such a playful relationship with him. I was also glad that Rick didn’t make their relationship an obvious thing until they were at least nearly 16.


I love these two together so much and I find it adorable how Nico is “death” and Will is the “sun”.

Simon and Blue!

I absolutely love these two together and I wish we got to see more of their relationship, but alas the book had to end ;(

Rowan and Celaena!

I’ve been shipping them since Heir of Fire and I’m genuinely scared for books 5 and 6, because that’s a lot of pages for a relationship to die out…

Rhysand and Feyre!

Look, she has a tattooed hand on the cover! No but seriously, I really don’t care who Feyre ends up with to be honest. She can have Tamlin, I’ll take Rhysand, it’s all good, and everyone wins.

Warner and Juliette!

Oh Warner. He’s mine! I really just want another book where all we see are Warner and Juliette. I NEED MORE!

Tessa + Will, Jace + Clary, Izzy + Simon



I love Malec so much! Magnus is just amazing and when he’s with Alec they’re OTP! I don’t really know what’s going on with TV Magnus and Alec though. Has Magnus ever heard of being subtle!? Does the show think we’re idiots and not going to grasp that Alec is gay and that Magnus is into him? Ugh.

Besides my above favorites, I also love Maxon and America, Kaz and Inej, Rose and Dimitri, Sydney and Adrian, Tris and Four, and obviously every single Colleen Hoover male and female pairing!

What about you!? Who are your favorite bookish couples?

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser