The Bold Type // Pilot Review

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type is a new show on FreeForm and focuses on three girls who work at Scarlet, a fashion magazine. It airs every Tuesday, taking the spot of Pretty Little Liars.

I watched the first episode and felt kind of fuzzy afterwards. Being a journalist is a career path, one of many for me, that I could picture myself in. Basically, the show follows my dream job.

I loved all of the characters and how the show didn’t shy away from and wasn’t scared to talk about real things that women deal with.

While I did love the pilot, the thing that I realized is that it’s a bit unrealistic. Sure the show is very cute and I’m going to definitely continue watching. There’s feminism, diversity, sexuality representation and hot relationships! Hello yes please!

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Despite all of those positives, the girls, one of them who is still an assistant, all wear these fashionable outfits and hairstyles that make me totally jealous. And as I was feeling jealous I realized that it’s not realistic, no assistant in a journalism office looks like a well put together celebrity that could walk down a fashion runway. (Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit).

It’s also New York City, which costs a ridiculous amount of money to live in a nice part of. As newbie journalists, these girls are living the life let me tell you. Also one of the girls is the social media director after working there for only two years I think.

I definitely am fascinated with the journalism world and do I want to be these girls half the time while watching? Of course! But I will be watching this show with some reservations, just so I don’t get my hopes up that this is how the job field in NYC journalism really is.

And also it’s not like the Bold Type is a how to guide to becoming a journalist, it’s a drama comedy about three girls who work at a magazine. If it was realistic, it would be boring and sad if I’m being honest, because the girls wouldn’t have moved up so quickly at Scarlet or live in nice apartments by themselves.

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Final thoughts?

I liked the pilot and will be watching more! I’m just going to live my high school journalist dreams through the Bold Type from now on! I loved the feminism and female power in the show! I also love all the chemistry between the characters and that the boss lady wasn’t the scary evil boss and actually more of a mother figure to the girls!

Have you watched the Bold Type? What do you think?


TV Shows I Watch!

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I thought I’d make a list of some of the TV shows I watch, past and present!

I don’t really watch that much TV, duh, I’d rather read books, and I’m honestly way too busy for actual television, but I do use the freeform app to watch some shows and then when I have downtime sometimes I just watch whatever is on, usually crime shows.

I don’t have netflix, my mom won’t allow it and thinks it’s a waste of time, so I can’t watch too many of the shows I hear great things about.

In Journalism last year we watched a lot of How to Get Away with Murder which was really good, but I couldn’t continue since obviously I don’t have Netflix, and then also the Office is really good from what I’ve seen at school. (After the AP exams last year there was a bit of downtime in class where we watched the Office).

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But anyway I am currently obsessed with Gilmore Girls and have finally gotten the first season from the library and want to binge on all 7 seasons before the revival at the end of November. Do you think I can watch all of it before then? I hope so.

I love this show so much and Rory is literally me around guys, and we’re the same age in the first season actually. My best friend loves this show too and she’s like welcome to the fandom when I gushed to her about the show haha.

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Despite how bad the Shadowhunters tv show is, I still will keep watching when the second season comes out because MALEC!!!!

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I’m used to LOVE Pretty Little Liars but now it’s getting slightly annoying with the second season and the twists that just keep on coming out of nowhere.

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I also watch Stitchers on the freeform app just cause, and I don’t know if there will be another season but if there is I’ll watch it most likely. It’s definitely not the greatest show in the world but I really ship the two main characters so there’s that.

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Whenever I just randomly watch TV, which is practically never, I usually watch CSI Miami, Law and Order SVU re-runs, Rizzoli and Isles, Bones and the Mentalist.

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Also this summer I watched a bit of Baywatch which I liked cause I’m a lifeguard and then also Keeping Up With the Kardashians which just reminded me again why I hate reality TV.

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I used to be really obsessed with the show H2O: Just Add Water and obviously all things Disney and Nickelodeon like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.

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And then of course, I’m an absolute fangirl when it comes to anything Outlander but unfortunately I don’t have Starz so I have to wait for season 2 to come out on DVD in order to watch it 😦

I absolutely loved the book and this is one of my favorite book to movie/tv adapations ever!!! Claire and Jamie are my OTP.

What tv shows do you watch? Wanna fangirl with me about any of the ones above?!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

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Outlander TV Show Fangirling! // Season 1 Review

Ok, whoops, so I accidentally took a week hiatus without even meaning to. I honestly did mean to post things but then I was so busy with school and extra curriculars that I had no time. And now Spring Track is starting so I’ll have even less of that.

But anyways, I was going to call this a review, but then I realize that it was word vomit and fangirling…so not really a review, but nonetheless, enjoy!

So I have finally watched Outlander season 1! What sucks is that I won’t be able to watch season 2 because I don’t have Starz 😦

But yes, anyways, I absolutely love this show to pieces! The casting is amazing, the dialogue and costumes superb. Just yessss!

There is just one minor things that I was annoyed about. With the last two episodes, I felt that the Wentworth Prison flashbacks could have been less, and the last episode should have focused more on the recovery and Claire trying to save Jamie in the convent or monastery or wherever they were.

But that’s just from a person who read the books’ perspective. Hmm, maybe also because I’m 15 and watching that was squeamish for me…

But anyway, can we just awkwardly bring up how much breasts are shown in this! Jenny and Claire like every 5 seconds! But you know, that’s just me again.

I don’t remember the Watch being so integral in the book, but I did like how that was how Jamie was captured in the end.

Um, and that Mill Pond scene was both hilarious, and worrisome for Jamie.

Ooh! Jenny! I thought she had the perfect bite and was great and matching Jamie when they fought.

I also didn’t realize that Dougal fancied Claire so much…unless that’s something that show went more in depth with…

And also Loagashire being Mrs. Fitzs’ niece, that was different.

Ugh! Can we just talk about how her name is pronounced Leerie!? What? Whatever. I really wanted to punch “Leerie” in the face.

Also, there wasn’t as much Ned in the book, but I liked how they included him a lot more in the show. Watching him in action as a lawyer was also interested.

Omg! The Duke’s voice was hilarious for some reason.

And now it’s time for the drool over these pictures, drumroll please!



Like yasssss. Cat and Sam have the best chemistry ever..cough cough, Kat and Dom, ahem.

So yeah, that pretty much wraps up my feelings on the subject. I’d rate this show a 5 out of 5 stars, and a million stars out of a million on a faithful adaption. 

Have you seen this show? Have you read the books? Let’s chat in the comments!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

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