2016 Resolutions Reflection


As the 2016 year is coming to a close I thought I should reflect on how well I did on my resolutions. I did a 2016 Resolutions tag that you can find here and I reflected halfway through the year which you can find here.

My Bookish Resolutions were to read 135 books and log every book I read on Goodreads

I didn’t quite reach 135 books, I’ve read 113 so far, but I have logged every book I read in 2016 on Goodreads.

My blogging resolutions were to reach 200, and then maybe 300 followers, get better at graphics, write more discussion posts and host a giveaway.

I reached 200, then 300, then 400 and now am close to 500 followers, so check mark for that! I don’t have time to spend on graphics these days so I don’t know how much better I’ve gotten at them. I don’t think I’ve done that many discussion posts this year, but I did host a birthday giveaway in honor of my turning 16 in September.

My career and academic resolutions were to stop procrastinating, study more, not stress too much about school, pass my lifeguard exam, and get a job.

Yikes, I haven’t stopped procrastinating, or stressing, or studying more…I did pass my lifeguard exam and had a summer lifeguarding job, something I plan to do again this summer.

My personal resolutions were to write more, work out, watch Outlander, game of thrones, season 6 of Pretty Little Liars, stop biting my nails, and get a boyfriend jk. 

I still don’t think I write enough. My working out is decent but could be better. I watched season 1 of Outlander and am nearly done with Season 2. I got the Game of Thrones book for the Holidays and am going to read it and watch the tv show in 2017 hopefully. I also finished all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars and am waiting for the second part of the last season. I kind of stopped biting my nails. I also put the boyfriend thing on in 2016 as a joke kind of, but I actually did date two guys in 2016 so check mark haha.

And that is all! I liked having these resolutions to reflect on my year, so I think I’ll do a similar post soon for 2017.

Let me know how well you did on your 2016 resolutions! (Or not well, that’s fine too)

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

Outlander TV Show Fangirling! // Season 1 Review

Ok, whoops, so I accidentally took a week hiatus without even meaning to. I honestly did mean to post things but then I was so busy with school and extra curriculars that I had no time. And now Spring Track is starting so I’ll have even less of that.

But anyways, I was going to call this a review, but then I realize that it was word vomit and fangirling…so not really a review, but nonetheless, enjoy!

So I have finally watched Outlander season 1! What sucks is that I won’t be able to watch season 2 because I don’t have Starz 😦

But yes, anyways, I absolutely love this show to pieces! The casting is amazing, the dialogue and costumes superb. Just yessss!

There is just one minor things that I was annoyed about. With the last two episodes, I felt that the Wentworth Prison flashbacks could have been less, and the last episode should have focused more on the recovery and Claire trying to save Jamie in the convent or monastery or wherever they were.

But that’s just from a person who read the books’ perspective. Hmm, maybe also because I’m 15 and watching that was squeamish for me…

But anyway, can we just awkwardly bring up how much breasts are shown in this! Jenny and Claire like every 5 seconds! But you know, that’s just me again.

I don’t remember the Watch being so integral in the book, but I did like how that was how Jamie was captured in the end.

Um, and that Mill Pond scene was both hilarious, and worrisome for Jamie.

Ooh! Jenny! I thought she had the perfect bite and was great and matching Jamie when they fought.

I also didn’t realize that Dougal fancied Claire so much…unless that’s something that show went more in depth with…

And also Loagashire being Mrs. Fitzs’ niece, that was different.

Ugh! Can we just talk about how her name is pronounced Leerie!? What? Whatever. I really wanted to punch “Leerie” in the face.

Also, there wasn’t as much Ned in the book, but I liked how they included him a lot more in the show. Watching him in action as a lawyer was also interested.

Omg! The Duke’s voice was hilarious for some reason.

And now it’s time for the drool over these pictures, drumroll please!



Like yasssss. Cat and Sam have the best chemistry ever..cough cough, Kat and Dom, ahem.

So yeah, that pretty much wraps up my feelings on the subject. I’d rate this show a 5 out of 5 stars, and a million stars out of a million on a faithful adaption. 

Have you seen this show? Have you read the books? Let’s chat in the comments!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

P.S. Guys, I’m dying over here. Only 2 more followers till 200! Wooh!

Do Other People’s Rating and Reviews Affect Our Own? // Discussion

Discussion Post (1).jpg

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ratings, and what constitutes a 4 or 3 star rating. It was especially apparent after I finished the Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider.

I liked the book, it was pretty good, I was going to give it a 4 star rating. Then I looked at what other people had to say on Goodreads, and there were a lot of low star ratings. After reading why those people rated the book low, I began to agree with them. And that’s when I stopped to actually think.

If I never read the Goodreads reviews, this book would have been given a 4 stars by me, but after reading those reviews, I gave it a 3.5. Is that fair?

I think that it might be.

Let me explain. A lot of the Outlander books by Diana Gaboldon have low ratings too, but after giving Outlander a 5 stars and going to check the low ratings and reviews, nothing that the reviews said would make me change my mind about my 5 star rating.

People ranted at how much they disliked the book and I ignored them and still went with a 5 star rating.

With the Beginning of Everything however, the bad reviews made me wonder if maybe I should lower my rating…

I guess it depends on how strongly the book made you feel.

With the Beginning of Everything I was struggling between 3 and 4 stars, so the other reviews made up my mind because they pointed out the flaws in the books that I remember thinking while reading, but forgot after finishing.

Outlander on the other hand was an absolute 5 stars in my head, and nothing anyone said could change my mind.

What about you? Do other people’s reviews or ratings ever change your mind about how you rate a book? Though I’m not exactly proud about this, I think it’s very much true in the book reviewing world at times.

Let’s discuss it!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

P.S. I proofread this post! -from Calliope’s annoying friend Jem

P.P.S. Haha, my friend’s initials are J.E.M, like Jem Carstairs, I always find that funny

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge (2) Day 2

Once again, I was tagged by Erin @ Breathing in the Pages to do the 3 Days 3 Quotes Tag/Challenge


1. Thank the person that nominated you

2. Post a quote 3 consecutive days

3. Nominate 3 new bloggers every day

So today’s quote has to be coming from Outlander. I am absolutely obsessed with it, though I have yet to actually watch the show, (it’s on my February break to do list) I’ve watched so many YouTube clips, think that Sam and Catriona are OTP much like Jamie and Claire, and I am just in love with all things Outlander.

So here it is:

     Outlander (Outlander, #1)“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!” -Claire  

-Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


I just love how headstrong Claire is and how she’s not afraid to say what she wants to say.

Another quote I love is:

“Where did you learn to kiss like that?” I [Claire] said, a little breathless. He grinned and pulled me close again.

“I said I was a virgin, not a monk,” he said, kissing me again. “If I find I need guidance, I’ll ask.”

It was just so adorable how Claire was older than him by like 5 years and more “experienced”. That part of the story line made Jamie more realistic, like yes he’s this king of men but he also has his adorable Jamie quirks.

Can you tell I’m a bit over the moon when it comes to Jamie Frser?

Anyways, I tag:

Sam @ River Moose Reads

Cassidy @ The Little Book Cottage

Bree @ The Literary Hellion

See ya tomorrow with Day 3!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser