July 2017 Wrap Up!

July 2017 Wrap Up!.png

I had such a great reading month, reading 12 books! August is going to be even better because I have an ambitious tbr, which you can check out here!

Let’s get into it!

First up I read some adult romance books by Rachel Van Dyken

Image result for bachelor auction by rachel van dyken Image result for playboy bachelor by rachel van dyken Image result for capture rachel van dyken

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be reading her books anymore, I just don’t like the plot or characters. I gave all three a 3 star rating because I kind of liked them but not really.

I also completed up to book 5 in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning with Faefever, Dreamfever, and Shadowfever

Image result for faefever Image result for faefever Image result for shadowfever

I loved all of these books and gave all three a 5 star rating! I have a review of the first 5 books that is non spoilery right here. I also know there are different covers but these are my favorite because they’re all matching and stuff.

I also read some YA this month!

Image result for emmy and oliver Image result for flame in the mist Image result for when dimple met rishi Image result for lord of shadows

I read Emmy and Oliver, Flame in the Mist, When Dimple Met Rishi and Lord of Shadows. I liked both Emmy and Oliver and Flame in the Mist a lot, I have a review for Flame in the Mist right here. I will have a review up for When Dimple Met Rishi and Lord of Shadows soon! I gave them 4 and 5 stars respectively.

I had two lovely books sent to me to review, Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre and Aaru by David Meredith

Image result for mirror me tara st pierre Image result for aaru by david meredith

I really liked both books, and actually have read and reviewed their books before. You can find my review for Tara’s book Mirror Me here and Tara’s other book, Just a Few Inches here. My review for Aaru will be up soon, and I also have a review for David’s other book The Reflections of Queen Snow White right here

What books did you read in July? Link me up with your July wrap ups!


Fever 1-5 by Karen Marie Moning (Spoiler free!) // Should I read the rest of the series?

Image result for fever books 1 through 5

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

Fever is this amazing adult paranormal/fantasy series. The first 5 books can be considered one “set” and then the next 4 are the aftermath and a new crisis happens.

Here is my problem, I loved the first  5 and everything that happened. I know book 6, Iced is about another character and then book 7 is about Mac again? I’m not 100% sure.

I’ve been looking at the Goodreads reviews and basically I don’t know if I want to continue with the series and possibly start to dislike it, or just leave it like it is with it’s nice ending and move on.

Here’s the synopsis of the first book, Darkfever:

MacKayla Lane’s sister is murdered and Mac is left with a message from her right before she dies on her phone. Mac goes to Ireland to find out who killed her sister and gets involved in the world of the Fae and the good and evil that exists in the world. She also discovers new strength, powers and has to deal with new challenges like who to trust and how to stay alive. 

My Thoughts:

I really loved this series! At first I wasn’t sure because the first 2 books weren’t as in your face Fae but as it continued and the plot twists and cliffhangers slowly murdered my heart.

Seriously the endings of Faefever and Dreamfever had me scrambling to get the next books and I skipped over so many books that were in my TBR that I was supposed to read to finish the first five books.

The romance is there with the sort of love triangle that had me wanting SOMETHING to just happen for about three books and then when something I did I was so giddy inside. I thought that I had trouble choosing who I wanted the romance with Mac to be with but it turns out there really wasn’t that much triangle-ness if you know what I mean. There was only Mac x (SPOILER).

The world that Karen Marie Moning creates just sucks you in and you just need to keep reading to see what happens next.

My Rating:

5 stars!


I loved reading the first part of Mac’s story and the beautifully intricate world of Fae that is created in these books!

Have you read these books? Can anyone help me out with my dilemma? Is it worth it to continue the series?

Thanks for reading!


P.S. How satisfying was it in the beginning of Dreamfever when Mac and SPOILER were finally together! (Even though it was sad Mac turned SPOILER and was SPOILER by those stupid Fae princes that Darroc commanded, ugh!)

WWW Wednesday // July 12th, 2017


Hello! I’m back with a WWW Wednesday!

This is a cool weekly post hosted by Taking on a World of Words, and formerly hosted by MizB @ Should be Reading

The premise is to basically answer these three questions:

1. What are you currently reading?

2. What did you recently finish reading?

3. What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m currently reading Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

Image result for faefever Image result for lord of shadows

I’m really enjoying the Fever series and each book just keeps getting more thrilling and insane!

Also if I’m being honest with myself, I’m not going to continue reading Lord of Shadows again until all of my e-books from the library are finished, so probably one more week until I can finish this baby up.

I just finished reading the Flame in the Mist

Image result for flame in the mist

I really liked this book and how Mulan met Girl of Fire and Thorns. I’m excited to see if the next one lives up to the same expectations! Review coming soon!

Next, I’m going to read When Dimple Met Rishi, Mirror Me, and the Girl Who Fell

Image result for when dimple met rishi Image result for mirror me by tara st. pierre Image result for the girl who fell

When Dimple Met Rishi has been on my radar for a while now so I’m so glad I finally have it checked out to me!

Mirror Me is an ARC that Tara St. Pierre kindly sent me to review, so watch out for that on July 25th when my review goes up.

Lastly the Girl Who Fell happened to be in my overdrive wishlist so I checked it out because it I put it there, it must have been there for a reason so I can’t wait to read it!

That is all! Thanks for reading!

What are your three W’s? Let’s chat!


My favorite books from the first half of 2017!


Hey! We’re halfway through the year! I’ve read 56 books so far and I ‘m excited to see what I read later this year!

I just the mid-year book freak out tag, which you can click here to see! In that tag I didn’t think I was able to show what my favs have been so I thought I’d dedicate a post for it!

My favorite YA contemporaries have been:

Image result for emmy and oliver Image result for the upside of unrequited Image result for always and forever lara jean Image result for history is all you left me

Image result for more happy than not Image result for the hate you give Image result for the sun is also a star Image result for aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

My favorite young adult fantasy/fiction/dystopian books have been:

Image result for the murder complex Image result for code name verity Image result for caraval Image result for the midnight star

My favorite Adult/Adultish books have been: 

Image result for goodbye paradise Image result for the hating game Image result for mistborn Image result for our savage song

Image result for our dark duet Image result for a conjuring of light Image result for vicious by v.e. schwab Image result for darkfever

My favorite New Adult and Middle Grade books have been:

Image result for beastly lights Image result for a court of wings and ruin Image result for the iron trial

And that is all! There haven’t been any books I’ve read that I hated this year so far, I don’t think I rated any book lower than 3 stars this year!

Yay! Some of the 3 and a few 4 star books didn’t make it into this post just because they weren’t memorable enough or cause I thought they were okay.

Which books have you read that you loved so far this year?! Do we share any in common?