I’m finally 15!

Privet! (Again, that’s hello in Russian) It’s my birthday today! Woot! I’m finally 15! I say finally because i’ve been telling everyone i was 15 since i turned 14 and a half, simply because then people would assume i was a year younger than a actually am.

I know, i know, soon i’ll be telling people i’m younger, but right now, it’s the opposite.

Clearly, i got some barnes and nobles gift cards for my birthday, and a Starbucks gift card, thanks to my friend at school and my friend at thtawkwardsilence. I also got a gift card to target…and a new phone!

People, i have finally arrived in the 21st century, and i now have a smartphone *applause*, thank you, thank you.

I feel like when you grow older, birthday’s become less of a big deal. Like, i was literally like, meh, today. I nearly forgot it was my birthday.

Also, it was so weird getting texts from my relatives. Like, how did they get my number? My mom probably. Cringe.

I don’t know, i don’t really feel any older, and i CANNOT believe that i’m turning 16 in a year, that’s crazy! I feel waaaaay younger than that.

Anyways, thanks for reading! I’m off to do homework. Ha ha, literally, the first thing i do when i get home from swim practice is write a blog post, priorities right?

I have my first swim meet tomorrow! Wish me good luck!

-Calliope (5)

My bathing suit is wet, and not from the pool, but from my disgusting, dirty sweat

This is a rant and not related to books at all, well, Queen of Shadows is mentioned, but that’s it. 

My bathing suit is wet, and not from the pool, but from my disgusting, dirty sweat.

That actually rhymes, hmmmm, i might turn that into a poem or something. Oh! Speaking of poems, one of my poems was published in an online magazine called Mimp Mag, click here to read it (It’s not one of my best, i just wrote it one day after a good run) You guys should submit stuff to the magazine if you want to 😉

Anyways, the last two days, with the exception of receiving Queen of Shadows this morning, have been horrible.

I swim on my school’s Varsity team, the thing is, practice starts two weeks before school starts in the mornings, and my parents can’t drive me, because they work full time.

So i usually get dropped off at school in the morning for practice, and then i take the public bus home. Let me tell you, the public bus sucks. It’s never on time, and the stop that i have is so bad and nearly invisible, that the bus always misses me.

So yesterday, the practice was changed to the afternoon, so i took the bus there no problem, but then on the way back, there was so much traffic from rush hour, that the bus was half an hour late, and then it missed me. Thank god the next bus was only 10 minutes in between because of the lateness of the first one. I was just soooo mad and tired by that point, and then i had to walk home from the bus stop as well. That’s why i didn’t post anything yesterday, cause i got home late and tired.

Then today, just now, half an hour ago, i’m walking to the bus stop, in my swimsuit so i don’t have to waste time changing at school, and i get to the bus stop, and it should be coming in 10 minutes, when my phone buzzes. Turns out, because of the heat, practice was cancelled.

Now, i’m sweating and really hot, and was waiting for the air conditioned bus. So now i have to treck all the way back home, and now i’m sweating even more.

I then lift up my shirt to wipe my sweaty face, and this is what i see:


It’s disgusting. I’m actually sweating through my bathing suit! I’m just happy that practice was cancelled before i got on the bus, otherwise, i would have been soooooo mad.

Ironic how practice was cancelled because of a heat wave. Hello? I’m walking in it! Could have mentioned practice was cancelled half an hour ago, before i left the house!?

I’m sooooo sorry about this rant, i’m just really hot and irritable. Hey, you know what solves that?


Sorry for the blurry photo, the camera was being icky. I’m just going to go read this baby, because that will definitely cheer me up.

Ok, i might do that Summer Reader Tag that Giselle tagged me in, then go read Queen of Shadows, just so i feel like i’ve been productive this week.

Ha ha, thanks if you actually made it to the bottom of this post 😉 If you have any comments, or stories like this of your own, please, you’re welcome to share them.

Ahh, i’m actually cooling down now, and am not as hot. And sorry for any typos, i wrote this up quickly 🙂

-Calliope (5)

This one’s for the ladies


(It’s about to get gross, ugly, close, and personal, so if you don’t want to read this totally honest rant from a teenage girl, no details left out, don’t read, but if you do want to hear all about it, then please, by all means, continue, woah, this is like the biggest run on sentence in history or something!) 😀

Period stories and rants. Enjoy! 🙂

White Jeans Fiasco 

So, i wore white jeans for the first time in 8th grade. And of course that one time i wore them was the time that my period came two weeks over, and went all over my lovely new white jeans. It could have been even worse though, because i had been planning on wearing a crop top that day, but i chickened out and wore a sweater that cover my butt almost. Let me just say thank god i went with the sweater. If i hadn’t, my entire school would have seen the red stain spreading on my jeans, the one i didn’t feel or notice.

When You’re in the Bathroom

Don’t you just hate when you’re changing your pad in the bathroom, and there’s like complete silence save the three people doing their makeup, hair, or peeing? And then the ripping of your pad happens like a loud thunderclap, and you’re like DYING OF EMBARRASSMENT because now EVERYONE in the bathroom knows that you have your period, and then when you walk out, you meekly avoid everyone’s eyes.

When you Get it at Night 

When you only have a liner on the night before your period is supposed to start, and you wake up to your liner soaked through and your underwear disgusting. It’s gross.

When you don’t have a pad handy

When you’re changing your pad in your home bathroom and you open the drawer with the pads, and the size you’re looking for is not there, but you’re like, sitting on the toilet and can’t get up, and you have two options. 1. To ask your brother or your mom, or your dad to get you a pad, (so embarrassing) 2. You put some toilet paper in your underwear to act as a pad and you go get one yourself. I usually do both, depending on my mood at the time.

That’s all i managed to come up with, if you have any more, please, share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and i’ll see you in the next one!


Music in Me

The one thing i hate when my relatives bring me hand me down clothes, is trying them on.

They might be the coolest clothes in the world, but then you have two bags of clothes to try on, your patience can run thin.

So the other day, i tried listening to music while trying them on, and it helped.

Music is really amazing. I listen to it when i run, when i do chores, really when i do anything tedious that might make me want to give up.

Music makes you want to push harder and keep going, and that is really great.