Beastly Lights by Theresa Jane Book Review!


So you might have seen in my March Wrap Up that I had finished this lovely book and promised a review, and here it is!

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Gambled away by her brother, Freya is now bound to the music world’s resident bad boy Liam Henderson as his live-in maid.

Freya Coleman is a struggling artist who can hardly get by. With a past she would rather not revisit and a future that didn’t extend past her next cup of coffee, something had to change. Freya just didn’t know how much.

Liam Henderson lives in the spotlight. His wild nights and latest conquests make every woman want him, and every man want to be him. The rockstar has a carefully constructed persona to keep everyone out. That is, until a drunken night gets out of hand and he finds himself with the winning hand in a poker game, and the prize is a feisty redhead. A prize who just might break down the walls he has been so desperately hiding behind.

Thrown together, these two are a disaster waiting to happen. A disaster the world is eager to watch and comment on until their fingers drop off. What starts off as a fake relationship to improve Liam’s image, blossoms into so much more, and Freya is swept up into the world of bright lights and illusions. Everyone has an opinion when the lights are shining on their beloved rock god Liam Henderson, and they are eagerly waiting to tear down anyone who is bathed in the famous glow.

Can happily ever after exist when the whole world is watching?

My Thoughts: 

So this book is in a way a Beauty and the Beast retelling with a lot of variation. The title of the book kind of hints at it with the word ‘beastly’.

I loved Freya and how easy she was to relate to. Starving artist could easily be starving musician, or writer, or any other profession where it’s tough to get into and make a living off of.

Freya’s strength as a character, and her decisions at the end of the book made me feel sad, but I totally understand where she was coming from. I liked that I was able to separate my shipping of Liam and Freya from what was good for Freya, and I suppose that’s what Freya did too. She made her choices in the end on what was best for her.

I feel like Liam should have totally seen Jeb for what he was, and that Freya should have pushed on Liam more to either fire him or confront him more.

I liked the themes and how the characters had baggage, they weren’t some fantasy that you were totally jealous of. Like Liam for example, hot rock star yes, but his past and his present made it hard for me to completely want his lifestyle.

I also enjoyed reading the sort of gossip column chapters and the comments many of Liam’s “fans” left on them.

My favorite scene was when Liam broke down Freya’s door because she was singing in the shower and Liam thought she was being murdered. As someone who cannot sing that well, I feel like this would happen to me…

One thing that I noticed throughout the entire book was the word ‘smirk’ was used in like every other sentence to describe a character’s expression, and while it didn’t really bother me that much, I found it amusing how every character smirked every 5 seconds.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the word smirk, but yeah…it was used quite a lot.

Also Lucy was described as almost ready to pop at the end when Liam visited her after Freya left, leading me to believe she was ready to give birth soon, but 7 months later she was just giving birth which was just a minor detail that confused me.

Some of my favorite characters were Davis and Freya obviously, Ryan and Ant. My least favorite were Mason and the dad and Jeb. I thought that there were some characters whose stories should have been developed more, just in my personal opinion, Raven and Jazelle could have been explored a bit more. I liked Raven a lot but he wasn’t around that much.


I’m so happy this story was turned into an actual book because it really deserved it, I loved exploring Freya and Liam’s relationship!

My Rating:

4 out of 5 stars


Thanks for reading!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

P.S. BookCon is approaching and some of the panels are up and I’m so excited!! Are any of you guys coming to BookCon?!

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