November Wrap Up 2016

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November, unlike October, strangely enough was a great reading month for me! I read 9 books and have completed my Goodreads challenge of 100 books with 103 books read right now.

I started the month off with two amazing books!

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I loved both of these books, 5 stars each! I had every intention of reviewing them both but I read them during such a busy time in school that I didn’t get the chance.

I thought that Bright Side was great because I hadn’t read a book in a while that evoked such emotion from me in a while. This book reminded me why I read and why I love books and the tears were just flowing constantly.

Similarly with It Ends With Us, I was lucky enough to read two such amazing books in a row, and yes the tears were there when I read this one too. For me it wasn’t that this book hit home, because it didn’t quite, but it was that the reader was basically like the main character. I loved him too at first and even after the things he did I still couldn’t paint him as the utter villain. And the way Colleen Hoover wrote this book just reminded me why Colleen is such a great writer. This one did feel a bit different than her other books actually though, and I had to remind myself that this was my beloved CoHo writing it.

I then read these two:

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At first I really liked Love and Gelato, but by the end I was just bored by the predictable plot, so I gave this book 3 stars. It was good, just very standard YA formula.

Wolf by Wolf for me had a great plot but dragged on towards the end so I gave it 3.5 stars.

I read the Star Touched Queen!

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There was a lot of hype surrounding this book and so I was excited to read it, especially since Sarah J. Maas blurbed it. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t really enjoy this book and gave it a 2 star rating. It just confused me and nothing really happened and the plot didn’t really exist. Sorry if this is an unpopular opinion.

I also started the Angelfall Trilogy!

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I read the first two books this month, and I am reading the third one right now. So far I like this trilogy, I love the chemistry between the two main characters, and if the third book has a good ending, I think I’m going to give the trilogy a 4 star rating overall. I’m hoping to review the trilogy when I finish it. Can we also just talk about how beautiful these covers are?!

And lastly I read Underwater and the Art of Being Normal

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At first I really liked Underwater, but then the love interest started to annoy me and I was really not into the romance, so 3 star rating it is. I did quite like the plot though and the way things were revealed throughout the book.

The Art of Being Normal was great, and I loved reading about a transgender character because in YA it’s still new to have transgender people. Also, the “plot twist” how did I not get that??? There were about a million signs all of which I somehow blew past! That being said the plot for me was kind of slow, which is why I’m giving it 3.5 stars. Though on Goodreads I gave it 4 stars since half stars don’t exist which sucks.

So that’s it from me! What did you read this month? Let me know in the comments, and link me up to your November Wrap Ups!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

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