HAMILTON Obsessed!

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I’m slightly drowning in high school over here and that’s why my blogging has been suckish as of recently. My apologies.

You may or may not have heard of this musical called Hamilton?

I’m obsessed. We’re learning about Hamilton and Jefferson and the Constitution and all that jazz in my IB History of the Americas class and my teacher played the Room Where it Happens and the 1st Cabinet Battle and I was so insanely happy at that.

Of course everyone else in the room was confuzzled and not singing along like me so I was the odd one out there.

I’m even doing Hamilton for my English project! I’m fake interviewing Lin Manuel Miranda and kind of doing a historical vs. ideological truth kind of thing with it. It’s hard to actually understand if you’re not in my English class haha.

So I finished the entire soundtrack about a week ago and my life has changed. I’m being dramatic here obviously. Previously I only really knew a few songs, like I was obsessed with Take a Break for a good few months, and I only knew Schuyler Sisters, Alexander Hamilton, my Shot, and Farmers Refuted.

Now though, I know every song and I love them all so much and my new favorites are Satisfied, Helpless, Non-Stop, You’ll Be Back and Right Hand Man. 

I’ve gotten my brothers to sing along with me in You’ll Be Back, it’s really great. I never knew King George III could be so fun to sing as.

I’m also being forced to rake leaves because it’s that time of year and so I blast Hamilton obviously and I’m sure my entire family hates me because of it and when You’ll Be Back came up, my 6 year old brother did the da-da-das with me and it was great.

And to all the Hamilton haters out there, well, I have nothing to say to you because HOW?? How can one not like Hamilton? Okay, most not like it I can see, but like to outright hate it and refuse to listen to it at all and not give it a chance is just rude.

Who here also loves Hamilton?? Who’s actually seen it?? Cause that’s a dream of mine that probably will never happen.

–  ❤ Calliope

P.s. HA! Did you see what Trump tweeted about Hamilton the other day?? This is the President of the United States ladies and gentlemen

P.P.s. I can’t really sing that well, there’s a difference between liking to sing and actually knowing how to sing. Sadly I’m the former, but that’s okay!

9 thoughts on “HAMILTON Obsessed!

  1. I love Hamilton too! Every time I try think I have gotten over my obsession, I see something new or watch a video and suddenly I’m back listening to the sound track again. It would be amazing to go see the show live

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  2. Welcome to the world of Hamiltrash, I’ve been here for almost a year and there’s no was out HAHAHAHA. But yeah hamiltons amazing, I also get my 7 year old brother singing it with me which is awesome. You’re lucky you get to learn about it in school, I’m in Canada so Alexander Hamiton has only been mentioned briefly once or twice, so sing along all you can in class hahaha

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      • Honestly I would be too. People at school already have had enough of me singing the lyrics and stuffing facts into their faces, if we were learning about it too I would surly be sent out of the class hahah


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