In which I Read 16 Books!! // August Wrap Up 2016



I can’t believe that summer is over and that I’m starting school next week! This is crazy!

I somehow managed to read 16 books this month, despite my average per month being 8-9ish.

But anyway let’s get on with the wrap up!

In the beginning of the month I finished The Rose Society and the Hunt

 Image result for the hunt by megan shepherd

I did a joint review of these two, which you can find here. I loved the Rose Society and liked the Hunt as well!

And then I read a slew of contemporaries because duh it’s summer

 Image result for blackmail boyfriend Image result for smut by karina halle

I really liked P.s. I Like You, 4.5 stars, as well as Smut, also 4.5 stars. Blackmail Boyfriend wasn’t as good for me, 3 stars. It’s odd I haven’t given too many books 5 stars this year. Just A Court of Mist and Fury and A Winner’s Kiss I think, and obviously the Captive Prince Trilogy.

I then read this book for school, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and EXO Books sent me the Last Day of Captain Lincoln to review

 Image result for the last day of captain lincoln

While the 7 Habits was an interesting book it was really boring and took me away from my beloved YA books. But then again it is a book fro school, so it’s not meant to be fun. My review for the Last Day of Captain Lincoln can be found here

I finally read the sequel to the Jewel and the third book in the Dorothy must Die trilogy


Both books in my opinion were okay, interesting yes but not my cup of tea, 3 stars for the White Rose and 2.5 for Yellow Brick War.

I then decided to read a bunch more contemporaries!

Image result for the year we fell down Image result for the heartbreakers book Image result for side effects may vary

I liked the Year We Fell Down, 3.5 stars. I really was not such a fan of the Heartbreakers, 2 stars, and Side Effects May Vary is a 3 star read for me.

The Year We Fell Down was good, but it was a little boring for me.

The Heartbreakers was a huge disappointment for me because I loved Ali Novak’s other book My Life with the Walter Boys. The Heartbreakers just seemed less. The romance was cheesy, the writing was bad, the misunderstanding that caused a big problem in the book was just bad. Honestly, I could have written this.

Side Effects May Vary has that either you’ll love it or hate it thing going on. And I get it, we’re not supposed to entirely love the main character, but at the same time, the relationships in this book just felt toxic to me.

And then I finally read the Mara Dyer Trilogy after receiving it as a Christmas Present way back when.

Overall, I’d give the whole trilogy 4 stars, I liked it!

Oh yes and I also received this book to review, my review will be going up soon!

Image result for flipping the scales

I liked this book! 4 star rating for sure. I love mermaids and this book definitely was mermaid heaven, though the way in which the teenage girls talked to each other was a little odd. But the antagonist is named Calliope! Like me! 🙂

What have you read this month?? Link me up to your August Wrap Ups and I’ll check them out!!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

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10 thoughts on “In which I Read 16 Books!! // August Wrap Up 2016

  1. WOW! 16 books! unbelievable! That’s really awesome. That Mara Dyer Trilogy is really long isn’t it? If you have a chance, read the 7 Highly Effective Teens, the son wrote it, Sean Covey. Very interesting read. I bought 7 Highly Effective People since I love the teen book so much, but wow, I agree with you, it’s boring, so I DNF’ed it.. haha..


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