Mara Dyer Trilogy Review! (No Spoilers)

I just finished the Mara Dyer trilogy and am just wow, what a compelling trilogy! The books are pretty lengthy, 300-500 pages in each book.

For me, the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer was a 4 star read, the evolution of Mara Dyer was also a 4 star read, and then the Retribution of Mara Dyer was a 3.5 read.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Mara cannot remember anything about the night her friends died. All she knows is what she’s been told: they went to an abandoned asylum, the building collapsed, and only Mara survived.

Two months later, Mara is eager to move forward with her life in a new town, but that’s easier said than done. A boy at school named Noah Shaw seems to know more about Mara’s tragic past than she does. And to make matters worse, Mara is beginning to see people and things that can’t possibly be there. Or can they?

When Mara goes searching for answers, she discovers a secret about herself that is most unbecoming. A secret that promises a future full of destruction, pain, love, evolution, and ultimately, retribution.

My Thoughts:

I really liked how different this book was because I don’t read too many paranormal books.

Mara Dyer was such a great character because come on, there are times that everyone has wished someone dead, but to actually have the power to make that happen?? Insane!

The one thing I realllly did not appreciate was the romance. This book had everything going for it and then the love interest happens to be that strange and mysterious rich boy who Mara just can’t resist. It was just another trope that I see in YA that I’m slightly tired of.

Also the ending of the last book was the reason why it got a 3.5 star rating, it just wasn’t believable to me.

I did like the relationship Mara had with her brothers, and actually, my younger brothers both start with a ‘D’ and a ‘J’ like Mara’s, and my youngest brother’s name is also Joseph like Mara, so I found that funny.

The concept of mental illness and being called crazy instead of being believed really was interesting. Like her mom just wrote her off as crazy when Mara saw things she shouldn’t have.

Besides the love interest I loved all of the characters, and all of Mara’s other friends from Horizons.


A compelling trilogy with interesting characters and a strange plotline that kind of left me a little confused at the end, but despite this throughout all of the trilogy there were tons of gasp worthy moments that made me happy.

My Rating:

Overall 4 star trilogy

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Thanks for reading! What did you think about the Mara Dyer trilogy?!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

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