How am I doing on my 2016 resolutions??

How am I doing on my 2016 resolutions-

So back in January, I did the 2016 Resolutions Tag, the link can be found here: 2016 Resolutions Tag

I thought it would be fun to reflect back on my resolutions halfway through the year and see if I’ve accomplished any of them or still have a bit to go.

Bookish Resolutions: Keep up with goodreads and my goal of 135 books for 2016.

I have been keeping up with goodreads and logging each book I read, but unfortunately had to lower my goal to 100 books. There was just no way with me being 10 books behind in May and I knew I wouldn’t have any more time in the summer.

It’s funny how though it’s summer I’m still just a busy substituting school for work now.

Blogging goals: Hit 200 and then 300 followers, get better at graphics and host a giveaway

I’ve managed to hit 200 and then 300 followers this year! Now here’s to 400!

I do believe that I’ve gotten a bit better at graphics, I’ve been using Canva a lot this year.

And I haven’t hosted a giveaway yet but I want to do one for my 16th birthday in two months, I’m thinking either Throne of Glass book 5 or Six of Crows book 2.

Career and academic goals: Study more and stop procrastinating. Pass my lifeguard test and get a job. 

Hahaha the studying and procrastinating one haha very funny….basically I’m still working on that one.

I did pass my lifeguard test though and I have gotten a job!

Personal resolutions: Watch Outlander season 1 and season 6 of pretty little liars. Work out more and get a boyfriend. Stop biting my nails and perhaps read or watch game of thrones. 

I have watched season 1 of Outlander, and am just watiting for season 2 to end and come out on Dvd since I don’t have Starz. I’ve also finished season 6 of pretty little liars and am now all caught up and am keeping up with season 7 via the freeform app, which is kind of a lifesaver whenever I miss a show.

I mean yeah, I guess I have been working out more, though I need to up my summer training for cross country for the fall, so I need to start running more.

Yeah I guess I’ve “gotten a boyfriend”, and I’ve attempted to stop biting my nails. I went to senior prom with a friend this year so I forced myself to grow my nails out for that, but after prom I bit them all off, so basically, I’m still working on that one.

And then I tried reading Game of Thrones but gave up and from what I’ve seen on YouTube of the show, I think I’ve got the gist of it.

Did you make any 2016 resolutions? How are you doing with keeping up with them?

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

P.s. Happy 4th of July! I posted an American flag made out of books on my bookstagram, you can check that out here

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