Summer Reading Recommendations // Contemporaries


With the end of the school year approaching rapidly and summer right around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to share some summer contemporaries to read over the summer, both books I have read and ones that I want to read!

1.Anna and the French Kiss

And obviously Lola and Isla as well. This is my favorite out of the collection. It’s basically about a girl from America who spends a year for school in France and there’s so much cuteness and I absolutely loved it!

2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

This and the sequel too. And there’s actually a third book coming out soon called Always and Forever Lara Jean which I’m so excited for! This is a cute story about a girl named Lara Jean who writes love letters every time she falls in love with a boy and gets over him, but then one day her letters are mailed out and her secret is out!

3. Morgan Matson

All of Morgan Matson’s books! They’re all amazing summery reads and my order of loving them is probably something like Amy and Roger, Since You’ve Been Gone, the Unexpected Everything and Second Chance Summer, though they’re all great!

4. If you’re looking for something a bit more sad but equally great:


All three of these books are amazing, and so are the other books that the authors have written, but these three stand out to me as the best.

5. The Dairy Queen

I honestly don’t talk about and praise this book as much as I should, but I love this book so much and have read it so many times! It’s about a girl who lives in a small farming kind of town and there’s football and cute boys involved.

6. Random contemporaries that I’ve loved:


7. The Edge of Juniper

This is a super cute contemporary that I really liked and related to, by Lora Richardson, about a girl named Fay who spends the summer with her cousins and aunt and uncle. In Juniper she discovers love and that things aren’t always like they seem on the outside. And actually, today is the release date so now you can officially read it!

8. Books I haven’t read but want to this summer:


I’ve read the winter anthology that Stephanie Perkins put together and I’m excited for this one too! I actually started reading Finding Audrey, but the format was off on my digital copy, so I’m hoping to give this one another go this summer.

And those are some of my favs! As you can see, I don’t have many on my summer TBR, so any recommendations are welcome in the comments!

And also, this obviously isn’t my list of favorite contemporaries, but rather a list of ones I think are perfect for reading during the summer.

Be sure to like this post if you want to see more lists like this in the future! Thanks for reading!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser



18 thoughts on “Summer Reading Recommendations // Contemporaries

  1. I’ve read and loved some of the books in this list. Especially Anna and the French Kiss. I need to re-read it because I miss Anna and Etienne already. And hopefully, I would be able to check out the other books in your list as they seem like great summer reads. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love the recommendations on this list! Anna and the French Kiss was also my favorite out of the three novels. The Distance Between, or any of Kasie Wests contemporary novels, is amazing! My Life Next Door is also one of my favorites. I definitely plan on reading more of Morgan Matson’s books as well as I’ll Give You the Sun and All the Bright Places. Great list!

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  3. I love reading contemporaries in the summer! For the past two summers I’ve reread Anna and the French Kiss and Isla and the Happily Ever After (not Lola bc it’s my least favorite). I also haven’t read those two books you mentioned but I do own Finding Audrey so I really should pick that up.

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

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  4. This was great, I’ve been looking to read some good contemporaries over the summer! In fact I have Anna, Lola and Isla as well as stuff by Morgan Matson on my summer TBR. Now I want to read them even more!

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