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Hello everyone, I’m back with another tag!

Sam @ River Moose Reads tagged me to do the This or That Fashion Tag, so let’s get started!

Jeans or Sweatpants? 

Well it depends obviously, usually I like jeans though, especially to school. But if not jeans, then leggings. Sweatpants are for chilling around the house and on occasion to school.

Long sleeve or short?

It depends on the season but usually short, that way I can put a sweater on top and layer if I get warmer or colder. During the winter, obviously long for the most part.

Dresses or skirts?

Dresses if I must choose one, I can never find tops to go with skirts, (probably because i own like two skirts in total)

Stripes or plaid?

Ew to both, but stripes win here. Funny story, my friend wore a red and white striped shirt one day and people were asking her “Where’s Waldo?” It was slightly hilarious

Flip flops or sandals?

Flip flops! That way I can just kick them off when I need to

Scarves or hats?

Hats! Scarves suffocate my neck.

Necklaces or bracelets?

I don’t really wear jewelry but necklaces because bracelets are annoying and get in my way when doing things like writing.

Heels or flats?

In an ideal world heels, but most of the time I go with flats. But I like the way heels look on me better…if only I could actually walk in them and spend more than an hour without my feet dying of pain.

Jacket or hoodie? 

Hoodie. Actually, I don’t really care which to be honest.

Abercrombie or hollister?

Neither. ‘Nuff said.

Thanks for reading!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

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