Lace and Sin by Aneta Quinn // ARC Book Review/Discussion

Lace and Sin

Privet! So the lovely Aneta Quinn has written this awesome book Lace and Sin, and I was lucky enough to read the ARC version 🙂

You can click here to see the book on Goodreads.


Kayla is not your average New Yorker, truth be told she wasn’t even born there. Born in Poland and raised in a family full of con artists and common pick pockets, she learned quickly and mastered the art of thievery.

Upon losing her parents at a young age and being thrust into a whole new world in New York, all she’s had on her mind for the past 15 years is revenge – that is until she meets Carter.

They form a relationship purely on their attraction, and she finds herself constantly battling between the need for vengeance and the distraction he provides her.

In the end will she choose vengeance…or love?

My Thoughts:

This book pleasantly surprised me. I went into it not really knowing much about the plot, and I found myself loving it!

The cover obviously is gorgeous and I love how the title Lace and Sin comes up in the actual story and is reflected on the cover.

At first I wasn’t really sure where the romance was going to fit in because there is a revenge book. Fortunately, the plot of revenge and the romance went together great.

I did feel that the book was a little short, and there are some scenes and spots that could be possibly extended; but I just loved the kick-ass female protagonist.

For some reason, I kept picturing Carter as Frank from How to Get Away with Murder, and you know what, the guy playing him is gorgeous, so that’s what I thought of Carter as oddly enough.

I haven’t read many revenge stories, and those that I have were done horribly. Lace and Sin was a major step up from Daughter of Deep Silence, the last revenge book I read, so yay for that.


Hot romance and kick-ass revenge: A perfect combination

My Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Ugh. School has been keeping me busy as always, but I’m trying my best to post at least once a week.

Thanks so much for reading!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser

P.s. I just started reading the Captive Prince series, hmm, how many books are there??? I’ve just finished book 2 and have placed book 3 on hold. Yikes, these books are good! My only problem is that they’re so short! I read each one in one sitting!

2 thoughts on “Lace and Sin by Aneta Quinn // ARC Book Review/Discussion

  1. ah! thank you so much for doing this 😀

    I’ve already gone through and extended some scenes, and added a bit more to some chapters to help the flow of the story. I can’t wait until it’s 100% done and published!! x

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