Best Friends Tag ft. My Best Friends!

Calliope + FriendsBest Friends Tag ft. Isabella and Marie!

Hey! Today I have something a little different and special going on! So my best friends Marie and Isabella have agreed to do a little tag. I hope you enjoy it!


Hi! Duh, I’m Calliope. And I have these two amazing best friends who happen to like books so I’m doing this thing with them. P.S. Isabella finally read throne of glass! Huzzah! Welcome to the agony that is falling in love with every boy that Sarah J. Maas creates!

Isabella: hello, basically I’m part of a billion fandoms that I can’t even keep up with and I’m currently torn between Dorian and Chaol even though I’m kinda more team chaolena.

Calliope: Hi I’m Isabella and I can’t capitalize names so I make Calliope do it because it’s going on her blog so it’s her reputation. Love you Isabella <3. 

Marie: hi! I’m marie. I’m a diehard percabeth-tillow-origami-cooking nerd. nice to meet you.

When/how did you guys first meet?

Calliope: I met Isabella in 6th grade science class. We were both late and there was only that one open lab table in the back so I sat next to her and we somehow became friends… With Marie it was kind of that I disliked her and thought she was super annoying freshman year. And then I realized by the end of that year that somehow that we were best friends somehow…

Isabella: Lol Marie and Calliope hated each other all year and shit talked about each other to me all the time and now we’re all friends. I also went to elementary school with Marie and eventually became friends.

Marie: “Calliope is an annoying, aggravating, er, person. I’ll never, in my life, speak to her” is what I would have told you in the beginning of freshman year. But after we suffered in an equally annoying history class, we became friends. Isabella was in my chem class last year, and we went to elementary school together, so that’s how I know her.

 What is your best friends favorite TV show?

Calliope: Huh. Well, Isabella likes Bourne Identity I think, and Marie likes all of those cooking shows….

Isabella: Bourne identity is a movie lol

Calliope: Damn it. You mentioned it last night so I thought I was being sneaky

Isabella: haha no, but I know you like that show with that guy who’s hot and I forgot the name of lol

Calliope: Lol, 10 things I hate about you? With Ethan Peck? Yessss.

Isabella: yes that’s what I meant lol and Marie is obsessed with how I met your mother and buffy the vampire slayer

Calliope: Oh yeah, duh, I knew that.

Marie: Haha, yeah nice Isabella. Doesn’t Isabella like the Flash and that other show, what is it, some other superhero-ish show?? And close second to how i met your mother is law and order: special victims unit, which Calliope likes too.

Calliope: She likes a lot of shows…lol, rn, Outlander is my baby. Oh my god. I’m an idiot, of course you like SVU! How did I forget!? I also LOVE Shadowhunters at the moment! Nope! Just kidding! I definitely do NOT like Shadowhunters. Ooh, Pretty Little Liars is good too!

Isabella: lol I like the flash, arrow, himym, gilmore girls, Grey’s anatomy, scrubs, psych, person of interest and etc

Do you guys have any nicknames for each other?

Calliope: I sometimes call Isabella Ginger Ale, it’s a long story…

Isabella: lol most people call me bean and I don’t have nicknames for Calliope or Marie

Calliope: Yeah, it’s kind of hard to make a nickname for me.

Marie: I shorten Isabella’s name sometimes. Calliope… yeah, she sticks to that.

What is something annoying that your best friends do?

Calliope: Ha! Marie has this weird habit of mumbling or trailing off at the end of a sentence when she feels awkward and it’s the funniest thing to watch. And Isabella takes forever to finish books so when I NEED to talk to fangirl with someone, I must do it several weeks after. Haha, but it’s all good, I’m just glad my best friends like to read and actually know who Percy Jackson and Dorian are.

Isabella: lol I can’t help that I’m a slow reader! And calliope reads like 10 books a month during midterms and I can barely even read 100 pages

Calliope: True story right there

What are your best friends celebrity crushes?

Calliope: Ok, well Marie has a few…Lily from How I met your mother for sure, then those blonde youtubers with the same name, I don’t remember their names though, was it Rosie or something?

Isabella: I have like 5,000 can u guess any of them

Calliope: Yikes, ok give me a second

Isabella: well u like ethan peck,  and idk u like panic so brendon urie??? And obviously sam heughan don’t know how to spell his last name

Calliope: Ok, so Isabella likes…wait!!! Matt damon!!!!! Daniel Radcliffe?? Leonardo DiCaprio!??? And yes, Ethan Peck!!! And I mean, I do love Panic, so I guess Brendon Urie could possibly make the list. Don’t worry, I corrected Sam Heughan’s name for you haha. There are though a few more for Marie lol

Marie: Matt Damon, definitely for Isabella. Doesn’t she like that guy who just broke up with his girlfriend? What is his name?? I can’t remember anything.

Calliope: I also have a major crush on Heath Ledger, (When he was in a Knight’s Tale) and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Isabella: haha yes matt damon, patrick dempsey, james roday, daniel radcliffe,  and I can’t believe you guys forgot about niall. Oh and david boreanaz. Marie likes alyson hannigan and david boreanaz.

Calliope: Ok. I am leaving the above paragraph as is. Isabella and her lowercase glory. Nope. And Niall!!! Urgh I’m an idiot!

And that is all for today! I hope you enjoyed our banter and if you want to see more of Marie and Isabella, like this post and leave a comment!

Marie also has her own blog:

Thanks so much for reading!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser



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