Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon Book Review/Discussion

Everything, Everything

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Publisher: Delacorte

Publication Date: September 1st, 2015

Page Number: 320

Format Read: E-Book (Live-brary Borrowed)

Goodreads Synopsis:

Madeline Whittier is allergic to the outside world. So allergic, in fact, that she has never left the house in all of her seventeen years. But when Olly moves in next door, and wants to talk to Maddie, tiny holes start to appear in the protective bubble her mother has built around her. Olly writes his IM address on a piece of paper, shows it at her window, and suddenly, a door opens. But does Maddie dare to step outside her comfort zone?

Everything, Everything is about the thrill and heartbreak that happens when we break out of our shell to do crazy, sometimes death-defying things for love.

My Thoughts:

I liked this book in the beginning. The characters were interesting, I liked Madeline because she enjoyed reading…and then the end screwed me up. There are a lot of people who liked the end, but I am not one of them.

I do understand now why the ending had to be like it was, and I appreciate the risks that Nicola Yoon took with dealing with mental illness because we don’t see this kind of stuff in YA that much, and I’m happy that people are writing these things finally.

That being said, I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

What I liked:

Maddie. She was nice, interesting, normal human being. Ollie though was awesome. I loved his family backstory and him and his sister and how he was like this gymnast with the flips and the handstands. Carla was awesome too. I felt sometimes like she was Maddie’s mom.

I loved reading Ollie and Maddie’s IM messages, they were the cutest things ever.

What I didn’t Like: (Spoilery Discussion):

I’m sorry, but there were way to many things that didn’t make sense. First, Madeline went outside for a few minutes and she was fine, but the front door can’t even open without there being a special air bag room? And come one, I thought Ollie was smarter than that to believe that the pills were real.

The mom was FINE. There was nothing that suggested that the death of her son and husband messed up her brain. Nothing. And then afterwards is when we start seeing that she is mentally unstable.

I feel like the author was trying to create a loophole for Ollie and Maddy to be together and saying surprise, she’s not allergic to everything after all, was not ok for me.

I don’t know! The ending just made me so angry! And I couldn’t really explain it!


I have the unpopular opinion on this one it seems.

A book that started off interesting and ended in disaster.

But of course, don’t let me stop you from reading it, there are A LOT of people who LOVED it, so maybe that could be you.

My Rating:

2.5 stars

Have you read this book?! What did you think? 

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser


5 thoughts on “Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon Book Review/Discussion

  1. Agreed with everything you said! It did started out very well. It was very cute and sweet. Loved the illustrations! Then it went downhill for me when I found out plot twist. It doesn’t make any sense. It just seems like the author wanted a easy way out. It’s a shame because the summary sounds more interesting the book itself. This book was a huge disappointment and overrated.

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  2. I actually really enjoyed the book- but can totally see where you’re coming from- I had loads of issues with it in the end. One of my issues was that I had was how the nurse never figured out what the mother was upto. Or how Maddie didn’t figure it out when she didn’t die straight away. Or why on earth she lived with the mother after her mother showed her true nature (which, like you said, wasn’t foreshadowed well enough). I mean, surely the mother should have been sectioned after she literally imprisoned her daughter for 18 years. So yeah, I had loads of problems with it, but still enjoyed the ride enough to not be concerned with it while I was reading.

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