I am NOT okay with this couple! // Valentine’s Week

Valentine's Week! (4)

Hello! On the day before Valentine’s Day I present to you the couples that I do not ship, have never shipped, and will never ship: Couples I did not like!

Lavender and Ron

No! Please stop this madness! Won won? Please stop. I just wanted this couple to break up, and when it did, I was soooo happy…although it was hilarious how annoying Lavender was and how Ron responded to her attention…from good to bad.

Dean and Ginny

Haha, Dean actually now plays that guy in the show How to Get Away with Murder. But anyway, I agree with Harry on this one and it’s a total NOTP

Jamie and Laoghaire

Guess what yesterday after school was!!!!! February break! And guess who managed to watch three Outlander episodes!? That’s right me! The tv show actually makes me feel bad for Laoghaire, maybe because she’s Mrs. Fitz’s niece or something, was that in the books?

Anyway, I don’t think that anyone ships these two, but I can’t handle them, especially after certain events in book 3, Voyager that made me want to murder her.

Also, side note, I’m halfway done with book 4, Drums of Autumn, and it’s boring! I know what’s going to happen soon, so I’m still reading it, but why must half of the book go by for the actual plot to happen? It’s 1050 pages for god’s sake!

America and Aspen

I pity Aspen, I do, but Maxon and America are forever, and Aspen is not…so sorry.

Mia and JP

I want to wack JP on the back of the head with a frying pan. Ugh! Michael and Mia are OTP forever and JP can go somewhere please. Though to be honest, I read these books such a while ago that I have trouble remembering everything that happened in all 10, but I do remember this!

Monica and Isaac

Ok, why could I not find a single picture of these two from the movie!? Anyway, Monica! Come on! How could you do this to poor Isaac.

Adam and Juliette

Grr. Adam. That is all I have to say about this ship.

Connor and Lindsey

Has anyone else read the Dark Guardian series?! I haven’t read them in a while, but I remember being obsessed with them when I was younger. I also was a big Rafe and Lindsey shipper, and couldn’t stand Connor with her.

I just want to be clear also that while sometime there’s a love triangle where I ship two characters over another, but I don’t completely dislike it when that person is with the other.

Like Will, Jem, and Tessa. Do I love Will and Tessa? Yes! Do I hate Jem and Tessa? No!

The Aspen, America, Maxon love triangle is really the only one on this list that is like that.

Like I don’t hate Frank and Claire, it’s just that Jamie and Claire are better.

And that is all!

I know I’ve probably missed a lot, so leave the couples that you cannot stand in the comments down below!

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser





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