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So throughout my reading career I have noticed that I have developed a taste for a certain type of way for a book to start. If the book does not start this way, I have to force myself to continue because I find it boring.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Calliope, what are you going on about’. Let me explain.

The Winner’s Curse. An amazing book that I loved from the first page:


It’s short and sweet.

Then The Wrath and the Dawn. Also an amazing book that in fact got a high rating from me than A Winner’s Curse. But…the first page did not hook me, in fact I almost didn’t read it because of the first page.


And then I realized, maybe I just have a problem with prologues?

But that’s not true because I loved the Six of Crows prologue…but not as much as I loved the 1st real chapter though. I also enjoyed the Twilight one and the Percy Jackson ones.

I think that the reason I enjoy a book starting off straightforward and right away is because often I’m so confused by what’s happening in these prologues and I don’t understand.

In some cases, like Outlander, I just skimmed the first few chapters until the story “really” began.

But I do realize how important prologues can be when written effectively. The prologue can be a flashback that the reader later sees in the book or it can be something like Dramatic Irony, where the prologue sets everything up for the rest of the book and the reader knows something that the characters have yet to figure out.

Like in The Beginning of Everything the prologue foreshadows the book (Just finished it yesterday, woah)

But the first page for me never signifies how good the book will be. The Wrath and the Dawn left me with low expectations with the first page, but it ended up being one of my favorite books of the year, making me glad I pushed forward.

Daughter of Deep Silence had a pleasant and promising first page that left me by the end of the book annoyed.

So my question to everyone is:

Do you prefer prologues in your books? Do you find yourself in a similar situation to mine, where you find yourself having to “push” yourself past the prologues or set up chapters?

Or am I a crazy oddball and you love all of these kinds of book starters?

Does your overall rating and enjoyment get affected by whether you loved the first chapter or not?

Let’s discuss! 

Stay awesome Sassenachs!-Calliope Fraser.jpg

P.S. I got a new header and signature! For a while I’ve been wondering why my blog was pink when my favorite color is blue, so I’ve finally changed it up. 🙂

P.P.S. Who’s excited for Shadowhunters in half an hour!!!!!?????

10 thoughts on “Prologues and First Pages | Discussion

  1. I like prologues but only if they’re short and well written. I don’t like long prologues because I’m just ready to start the story! Haha. And if I have to push myself through the first few chapters, it’s really rare I’ll end up liking the book 🙂 ps- love the blue!! 😀

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  2. I never really thought about Prologues before. I do usually like it more when the story just starts straight away, but I guess prologues give you a little hint of what’s to come.


  3. For me, it depends on how the prologue is written, but more often than not, I’m bored throughout it. I don’t really let that hinder my rating or review of the book though, because I know that not really liking prologues is more of a personal preference. If the rest of the book has great qualities, I’m not going to knock it a star because of a few boring pages in the front of the book.

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  4. Prologue for me really depends on how well the author writes. It can be exceptionally good and raise my expectations. Or as you said it can be boring compared to the rest of the book! But they are definitely an important part of a book! 🙂

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  5. I’ve read some crazy prologues where they show you an important an event that happens and then the rest of the books is basically just leading up to that one event. Those books keep me reading, but honestly, I don’t really care for prologues. I’m all about how a book ends.

    P.S. LOVE that signature hahaha!!

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