My Bookish Obsessions!

My Bookish Obsessions

I’ve been thinking a lot lately that I get obsessed with things really easily, and it happens quite often, so here are the things I used to be and currently am obsessed with in the bookish universe.

Helen Keller


So about 7 years ago when i was 8, my library was going under renovation so I went to a different one and i just remember being obsessed with Helen Keller. I legitimately read every book the library had on her.

Little House on the Prairie

After finishing up with Helen Keller, I discovered Little House on the Prairie and once again, I read all of the books about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Almanzo, and even their daughter Rose, and those were some big books!

Little Women


Borders was closing down around this time and my mom bought me a discounted version of Little Women. I must have read this book at least 5 times. Afterwards, at the library I discovered the special diary editions. Oh my god, after googling the pictures i feel so nostalgic!

Geronimo Stilton

My little brother hated reading and so my mom made him get books from the library to read. He got things like Geronimo Stilton and such, and when i had nothing to read, i’d steal his Geronimo Stilton books and gobble them up in a day.

Eleanor Roosevelt 


My library reopened finally and I became obsessed with Eleanor Roosevelt, once again, reading a lot about her.



In middle school I was obsessed with the Titanic, read a lot of books on it, and even wrote about it for my NHD entry in 7th grade.

World War II


I obsessively read books from the point of view of children and these two are the ones that i remember the best.

Carolyn Meyer


Oh man, i became obsessed with this author Carolyn Meyer who writes historical fiction when i won one of her books at a library give away, i think i’ve read all of her books…and there are quite a lot. My favs are pictured above. She actually got me into historical fiction and is the reason why i chose the Tudors for my NHD topic this year.


Celeste Prince Jacob Selection Cover.png

It was around this time a few years ago that i read the Selection by Kiera Cass and became obsessed with it so much that i started writing fanfiction. This continued for a year, until i quit right after my one year anniversary with My stories are still up i think.

Pretty Little Liars


Last year i became obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, the tv show though. I got all the way though Season 5 from the library, and am waiting for season 6 to come out on DVD now. I really thought it was a trivial show, so on a whim i checked out the first season and fell in love.


Makeup! I had a bad acne phase last year and I got my first powder foundation last year and now I’m obsessed with lipstick, it’s my absolute favorite, and i sometimes just wear only lipstick to dance or school.


Blogging! Blogging is my newest obsession! And I hope it will stay that way. I’m nearing my one year anniversary of actually registering my domain name, and I’m getting a little nervous because I know that i quit fanfiction, something i really loved in the beginning, shortly after a year.

What have been your strange obsessions, both bookish and not over the years?




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