I Am Writing This Letter to Tell You

Hiya. So I had this assignment for creative writing to write a poem that starts with “I am writing this letter to tell you…” and mine I thought was kind of funny so I have decided to post it.

I am writing this letter to you to tell you that I’m sorry

I never meant for you to get hurt, and I’m sad that I’ve lost a friend

I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did

I wasn’t paying attention, and when

I finally was, it was much too late to save you

I crashed into the pole, and down you went

I was more worried about my pounding forehead than you to be quite honest; though

I recovered from the pounding in my forehead quickly enough and when

I looked down at the ground and

I saw you just laying there on the ground looking so helpless and sad

I was sad myself

I wiped away a tear and nodded sadly in acknowledgement,

I refused to be the girl who was always in denial.

I put myself back together, gave you one last final look, and then

I walked back into the shop and bought another one

I felt sad that I had wasted my money, but

I felt more sad for you

I had caused this pain that you felt, and that disappointed me greatly

I finally walked away from your pathetic form on the ground

I knew that the new one could never replace you.

I walked away licking my new ice cream cone

I don’t really know what that was. We’re learning about satire in English and so I’ve written a few of these really dramatic and whiny poems.

Do you want to see my Alarm Clock one? Leave a comment if you do!

Thanks for reading anyways,






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