Most Used Apps on My Phone!


Hi there, so i recently saw Shivalika @Whimsy Journals do a most often used apps on her phone, and i decided that i liked this idea so much that i was going to do it as well, so thank you Shivalika!

Now i only recently got my first smartphone, so i don’t really use that many apps, just social media ones on a daily basis and that’s really it, but here we go anyway!

Social Media:


WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!

WordPress: Duh, it’s a lifesaver for checking my reader on the go

Twitter and Instagram: Book/Blog related, not personal

YouTube: Booktube and Zoella

School Related:


Exit ticket, Google Classroom, SAT QOTD,  Remind 101

Exit Ticket: For AP Biology

Google Classroom: My school uses this google feature, and so do most of my classes as a result

SAT QOTD: For SAT Questions of the Day. We answer them in English every weekday usually, but i do them on the weekend as well

Remind: Most teachers, clubs and sports teams use this app to contact students in my school



Pocketbook,  Iheartradio (Yes i know there’s such thing as Spotify, but i like this) Group me, Google

Pocketbook: It’s my favorite app that lets me read without wifi. I just download books from the livebrary website onto the app and bam, it’s a lifesaver, i do most of my reading on it

Iheartradio: For my music! I know everyone’s like spotify rocks, but i seem to enjoy this better for some reason

Groupme: Really just for my swim team group chat…for now

Google: I love the google app because i always have to google something. My mom though is a yahoo person, i have no idea why


And similar to Shivalika, i don’t have any games because i don’t believe in them and would much rather read and/or not spend money on them and save for books

Funny story about my social media apps. My mom told me to delete them because i got a bad grade in either AP World or AP Bio, i don’t remember, but instead of deleting them, i hid them behind ‘apps’ and she’s never found out 😉

Hence the photo at the top, it’s a screenshot of the folder i hid all of my social media apps in 😉


What is your favorite app on your phone? Do we share any favs?

Not that the school ones are my favs…they’re just a lot…:D

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my Winter review coming up this week!







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