The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski- Book Review/Discussion

Oh my god this book has killed me beyond reviving…

My reaction when i finished it:


Page Number: 416

Publisher: Farrar Straus Girroux

Publication Date: March 3rd 2015

Sequel to A Winner’s Curse

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Synopsis via Goodreads:

Book two of the dazzling Winner’s Trilogy is a fight to the death as Kestrel risks betrayal of country for love.

The engagement of Lady Kestrel to Valoria’s crown prince means one celebration after another. But to Kestrel it means living in a cage of her own making. As the wedding approaches, she aches to tell Arin the truth about her engagement… if she could only trust him. Yet can she even trust herself? For—unknown to Arin—Kestrel is becoming a skilled practitioner of deceit: an anonymous spy passing information to Herran, and close to uncovering a shocking secret.

As Arin enlists dangerous allies in the struggle to keep his country’s freedom, he can’t fight the suspicion that Kestrel knows more than she shows. In the end, it might not be a dagger in the dark that cuts him open, but the truth. And when that happens, Kestrel and Arin learn just how much their crimes will cost them



My Thoughts:

Overall, this book was better than the last one and the characters were so much more real and developed and i can’t wait until the next one, called A Winner’s Kiss, which comes out in 2016, and will hopefully have some KISSING between Kestrel and Arin!

Marie Rutkoski is just such a beautiful writer, and my emotional connection the the characters in this book was much stronger.


Jesus, Marie Rutkoski loves her cliffhangers and killing us readers, for example:

“I’d like to make a bet,” she said, and leaned to whisper in his year. Arin’s hands went to her waist.

WHAT!??? Because it ended it there, and then went on to a paragraph about Kestrel, meanwhile, i’m over here dying because i don’t know if Arin is putting his hands on her sexually or not (The she is the bookeeper person, NOT Kestrel!

Literally this whole books is angst and me yelling at Kestrel and Arin to make out already.

Also, Jess was a little harsh with Kestrel, though Ronan had the right to be


Spoilery Discussion:

HOW COULD HE?! How could Kestrel’s father betray her like that!? And if only Tensen gave the letter to Arin when he was supposed to, none of this would have happened. And oh my god, Arin nearly slept with Risha’s sister, the queen of the other land. And oh my god, Risha’s brother is that guy that Arin always references to that escaped.

Guys, Risha is going to have such a big role in the next one, is she going to marry Verex? What’s going to happen to Risha and Verex? How is Kestrel going to survive in the camps as a prisoner? Can Arin freaking break her out, proclaim his love to her and they live happily ever after?

Probably not considering the way the trilogy has been going so far.



It’s so good and masterfully written to keep the reader guessing and enticed at every point, corner, and twist.

My Rating:

I feel like this was so much better than the first one because of my feels level, which was through the roof, but i felt so frustrated that Kestrel and Arin would never end up together. For those reasons, this book isn’t getting a 5 star rating, but i don’t quite think it should get a 4.5 rating either, so i rarely do this, but i’m going to give it a 4.8.



Have any similar feelings on this book? Different? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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