Encouraging Thunder Award

Hi there, guess what i just got in the mail!



Black pages for six of crows and a pretty naked book!!! 😉

But sadly, my pile of homework is too great, so i will have to hold off reading until tomorrow ;(

Encouraging Thunder Award

But anyways, I was nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Award by Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser and Charley @ Books and Bakes

Thank you ladies so very much! Check out their blogs if you haven’t already!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post the Encouraging Thunder logo. It’s here.
  • Mention your purpose in blogging.
  • Nominate others for the award.

My Purpose in Blogging:

Hmm, i’m going to interpret this as, why do i blog? Well, for me, i always am reading but i never have people to talk with about the books i’m reading. I blog because i love it, i love sharing thoughts about books, freaking out about release dates, and screaming because of the awful cover reveals.

Commenting on other people’s posts and sharing excitement is so much fun and everyone in the community is really supportive and kind.

My first few posts weren’t about books, but soon after, they mostly started being all about books. I do post monthly or sometimes bimonthly life posts as well still.

My nominations:

Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse

Kenzie @ Bookish Things and Tea

Beth @ Betwixt These Pages

I’m not nominating as many people as i usually do because i know it’s a busy month and a lot of you all are already swamped with tags…

That’s it for today! My Winner’s Curse and Crime reviews will be up soon…meanwhile here’s a preview:


Thanks so much for reading!

-Calliope (5)

P.S. What am i going to do when i get Winter!? My bookshelf is nearly filled to the max!


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