Every Last Breath (Dark Elements #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout- Book Talk/Review

I finally read Every Last breath!

Gold star for me!

Oh my god, if my brother doesn’t stop doing a Miranda Sings voice outside my bedroom door, i will lose it.

“Can you stop!!!!!????”

Thank you. Much appreciated.

As per usual, this will be a mixed review of spoilers and not. But there will be a clear spoiler labeled section just for those who have read the book.

Happy reading if you have not read it, and continue if you have (or haven’t, either way)


Here, i would kindly direct you to my White Hot Kiss, which is the first book, book review, where a synopsis is given for the first one. You can click here for that.

But…in this third book, Layla has to choose between Roth and Zane. She also has to defeat the Lilin, who took her best friend’s (Sam) soul.

My Thoughts: (No spoilers)

I enjoyed this book a lot. It was paced nicely, and i was surprised at how recent the events were. For instance, One Direction and the fact that a member left is mentioned, and this only happened a few months ago. Layla and her relationships with Roth and Zayne were great, and it’s pretty obvious who she was going to choose, and i liked how quickly she chose it, no dragging it on for half the book, (ahem Twilight).

My Thoughts: (Spoilers)

Yes! Roth and Layla were endgame for sure from the moment we met Roth, and i’m glad it worked out okay. Is there something brewing between Stacy and Zayne!? No way, and what’s up with Nicolai and Danika? I feel like we needed more of an epilogue, tying up some other loose ends.

Some things i wrote down because i was annoyed or amused: (Spoilers)

“Don’t hate”, he (Caymen) said grinning, “procreate.”

There was a photo of One Direction in Roth’s office, signed, and it’s even signed by “the one who left” (AKA Zayne)

Those hot triplets according to Bambi, (The three kittens)

Ohmygosh, can we discuss that the familiars can morph into humans!? And that Layla got her own familiar, and that Bambi was taken by witches!!!!??? We need closure for that! Clearly Roth won’t let them keep Bambi after the end of the Lilin, right!?

The fact that Bambi hinted that Zayne was touching her boobs. I can’t.

The whole, the Lilin can’t die because it’s linked to Layla, i was seriously like, what is this? City of Lost Souls or something!?

And why must the main character always have to sacrifice themselves!?

Layla said, yeppers at the end of the book, and i was like, what? And then she said yeppers, peppers, and i lost it there. Why Layla, why?


Satisfying ending, could have added a tiny extra epilogue though. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Hi there, thanks for reading! Remember to share your thoughts below, and i’ll see you guys soon!

-Calliope (5)

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