White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout- Book Review

White Hot Kiss!

But the version i read had this cover:

I don’t know, both covers are ehh, but the first one is definitely better.

The problem is, if i say I’m reading White Hot Kiss, and show people the cover, especially the first one, they’re reaction would probably be, ‘are you reading porn or something?’. But it’s not like that, honestly!

This is the first in a trilogy called the Dark Elements, the other two already out in stores.


Layla is half demon, half warden, a race of gargoyles tasked with keeping humans safe from demons. Layla also has a special ability to suck the soul from anyone she kisses, demons of course being immune to this. With feelings for Zayne, a Warden, who doesn’t seem to return her feelings, newcomer demon Roth is appealing, especially since the kissing thing isn’t off limits with him…

My Thoughts:

This book, a paranormal romance, is really fluffy and amusing. It was brought to my attention after reading the book, that White Hot Kiss was a lot like Twilight. After reading the second book, Stone Cold Touch, i can agree, but i’ll discuss that in my Stone Cold Touch review.

The characters are the typical love triangle characters you’d expect, and the book truly should fall flat with its overused plot and characters, but i don’t know, i liked it!

The banter between characters was just so amusing, and so was the sexual tension, which JL Armentrout really knows how to write.

I’m totally team Roth. Oh my god, those sexy times with him just had me wanting more!


Ugh! Why must there be a creepy boy in that cover? That would never make me want to read the book! And the first cover with the couple makes it look like it’s all about the romance, when it’s really not, well, maybe a little.


There is a love triangle, with a dark and sexy boy in one corner, a familiar and long standing crush in the other, and a confused girl in the other. Typical.


Other than the demon/gargoyle aspect, the plot is pretty predictable and slightly boring.


Loved it! I feel like that was what kept the book together.


Fluffy and predictable, great to read after finishing a book that makes you sad or upset.

My Rating:

4 out of 5 stars. It was good, but the typical love triangle characters were just boring.

My Stone Cold Touch Review should be up soon, and then the last book as soon as i read it. 🙂

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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