Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Hello! So, i was going through my folders and documents on my computer, and i found this document, which is a very lengthy and spoiler filled rant on Red Rising by Pierce Brown. This was written a year ago, i think.


I was introduced to this book by first tashapolis from booktube, and then katytastic when she started reading it. Then I was at the library, and I saw it on the new books shelf, and it was like fate brought us together. I was hesitant going into the book based on the book jacket description, but boy am I glad I read it!

It’s considered an adult book, but I read it, and I’m a teen, so as long as you can handle violence and heavy topics, it’s ok to read for a young adult.

I haven’t read Golden Son yet, which is the sequel, but I’ve ordered it at the library, so it should come in in a few weeks, because there is a waiting list for it already! (Edit: I’ve read Golden Son) 🙂


It’s best to go into this book not knowing anything, like at all. But here are some general things. The main character is named Darrow, and he’s a guy. I haven’t read from many guy point of views, and those I did, I generally didn’t like, but I found myself liking Darrow’s guy thoughts on everything in the book.

It takes place on Mars, where the social hierarchy is in colors. Reds are at the bottom, and then there are I think, Pinks, Browns, and so on, with Golds at the top. Darrow and his fellow Reds are mining on Mars, to make Mars inhabitable for the other colors, so that they could leave a dying Earth and colonize on Mars. That’s really all I can say for the non spoilery part. If you haven’t read the book, I’d suggest leaving now, because I’m going to ruin everything for you up in here. So come back when you’ve read the book, yes!?

My thoughts: Spoilers 

Spoilery part! I just have so much to say on this book!

Eo’s death, what do you think? I was kind of expecting it. Eo was going to be the force that pushed Darrow into action, and the only way to do that apparently was if she died. I didn’t really like her though, how she forced Darrow to do this, but I guess the rebellion needed him in a way.

The fact that Mars was already colonized made me so mad! That’s horrible! And then Darrow’s transformation into a Gold! He got freaking new eyeballs for god’s sakes!

I love how we see Mustang in the beginning when he’s learning to ride a horse, and then we see her again in the games. Also, Julian, Cassius, and Antonia.

Ok, freaking Julian! I did not expect him to die! It makes sense though, how they get rid of the weak half, but it’s horrible!

I loved how Sevro beat Priam, and no one expected that. Oooh, how about Flechner being Sevro’s dad!? I never saw that coming!

Cassius was going to find out about Julian no matter what, so I wasn’t surprised when they had their annoying man duel. I also wasn’t surprised to hear that the Procters had been bribed by the ArchGovernor. Though I was surprised when we found out that Mustang was the Jackal’s twin sister! And Darrow is now living in the ArchGovernor’s household! What’s going to happen with Mustang and Darrow’s romance in the next book. I’m a fan of romance, so I’m all for some hot and heavy!

The fact that Darrow didn’t believe in Mustang though! I never believed she would betray them, I knew she was keeping a secret, and once it was revealed it made sense, but I trusted her completely.

Tirus being a Red shocked me too! Are there more Reds posing as Golds!?

Ok, Darrow storming Olympus. He freaking killed Apollo! And Sevro getting Jupiter like that!

Ok, also, the Jackal freaking cut off his own hand, oooh, and then killed Pax! I liked Pax, he was beginning to grow on me, and then that idiot Jackal killed him! Urgh!

Ha ha, it was so weird for me reading a book review from a year ago. I suppose it’s not really a review, but a rant on everything i liked, disliked, or found shocking, so i’ll review it right now.


I loved Pierce Brown’s writing style and his world and characters. I’d give it a solid 5 out of 5 stars. I read Golden Son right after i read Red Rising, and i am looking forward to the third and last book, Midnight Heir, i think it’s called, or something like that.

I probably will do a book review of it when it comes out.

Anyway, thanks for reading! -My younger self just needed a word document to rant to apparently, 😉 –

And i’ll see you in the next one!


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