Towering by Alex Flinn

Hello there! You might have noticed that i changed up my theme a little, i think that i’m going to stay with my new theme, simply because it suits my blog better.

Now then, i recently read Towering, by Alex Flinn. I’ve read most of her other books, including Beastly, Cloaked, A Kiss in Time, and Bewitching. I thought that Beastly was great, A Kiss in Time and Bewitching were ok, and i didn’t really like Cloaked.

I have to say, though i really wanted to like this book, i just couldn’t.



So, this book is about a girl named Rachel, and a boy named Wyatt. Rachel, much like Rapunzel is stuck in a tower, with her only company, a woman named Mama. Wyatt is new to town and is troubled when he learns about the many disappearances in the small town.


Like most of her books, the cover of Towering is gorgeous. Rachel is on the cover, you can tell it is winter, and if you look closely, you can see Rachel’s tower.

Characters: Some Spoilers

The two main characters, Rachel and Wyatt, fell in love waaaaaaay too quickly. I know that it’s destiny and whatnot, but really? I suppose i just couldn’t connect with the characters, and when i can’t do that, that’s a problem for me, and ruins my reading experience.


I loved the setting, and how the town was described so vividly. Also, how Rachel’s tower is pretty much hidden in plain sight, (well, in the woods) but no one can see it except Wyatt.

My Thoughts: Spoilers

I thought that it was pretty obvious that Mrs. Greenwood was Mama, and the Danielle was Rachel’s mom. I mean, there were hints all over the place. What threw me off for a few chapters was that there were other disappearances too. When i realized that drugs were involved, i was like, woah. And not in a good way. And the fact that it takes place in the modern world, yet Rachel had elements of magic just personally annoyed me. I feel like Wyatt was so anti feminist. Every time Rachel brought up that she had saved him, he kind of brushed it off and told her that was going to save her or something like that. I felt like he treated her like a little flower or something.


Towering was just not my cup of tea, but it may be yours, so if you haven’t read this book yet, but don’t know if you want to, try it out, because my reading tastes are probably different than yours. I’d give this book 3 stars because it was ehh, not the best that i’ve read from Alex Flinn. I expected something different, and i think that this is my least favorite book of hers.

I suppose i didn’t really like it because it wasn’t Alex Flinn’s usual funny and easy to read fairy tale retelling. Drugs were involved and it was darker than her other books. I think that i was expecting one thing, but got another, so i was confused and displeased.

As i’m looking at the review, i realize that it looks like i hated the book, and i didn’t! I just put a lot of things i didn’t like because those stick out to me, more than the parts that i actually liked. Trust me, if i hated the book, then it would get far less than 3.5 stars! 😉

Anyways, thanks for reading, and i’ll see ya in the next one!


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