10 Things I hate About Teachers

So, the school year is now over, and i found this list while cleaning out my binders.

This list doesn’t lump every teacher in the same boat. Actually, reflecting back on it, i had this one teacher and i really made this list with him mostly in mind.

Here we go:

1. They don’t give things back- I take a test and they don’t ever bother to give it back, even after it’s graded. I personally like getting things back, because i want to see what i did wrong, and also, i’ve had a bad experience with teachers messing up grades, and i always like to double check.

2. They mess up grading- I know teachers aren’t perfect, i do, but the teenager in me gets so annoyed when a teacher gives me the wrong grade. For instance, the year is over right now, and i look at one of my classes, and the grade is final, but she messed up one of my grades, she gave me a 90 for something i got a 100 on. The thing is, the grade is already final, and she hasn’t responded to me email yet.

3. They allow for lazy students- There are those students that don’t do any work, and the teacher always gives them extensions for everything, it’s extremely annoying!

4. They take forever to grade- I understand that teachers have a lot of things to do, but honestly, grading a test so far after taking it, that i’d forgotten i’d taken it!? Some of my teachers have tests back the next day, what’s up?

5. They goof off the whole period, then try to cram a lesson into the last 10 minutes- And they rush the lesson and don’t include things that the other classes learned about

6. They cannot control the class- The students feel that they can insult the teacher and get away with it, because the teacher doesn’t ever do anything to stop the disruptions

7. They don’t go over homework- Now, sometimes this is a good thing, because sometimes, i forget to do it, but for the most part, i worked hard on my homework, i want to get credit. Also, sometimes i don’t understand the homework, and i need the teacher to go over it.

8. Their extra help is always scheduled on a Thursday, so if they give a test on Wednesday, you’re out of luck.

9. They never respond to emails- I know that teachers are busy again- but this one time, i had a family emergency and i had to email the teacher the work that was due that day, and i asked him specifically to email me back to make sure he got it and i get credit, and he never did.

10. Sometimes, i feel like i’m smarter than them- My English teacher was so bad at spelling this year, and then some of the substitute teachers i’ve had were idiots

Ok, so that’s it, this wasn’t meant to hate on teachers in any way, these are just the problems i’ve had with teachers in the past.

If there are any more that you guys think of, leave them down in the comments.

See ya in the next one!


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